Konstantin Ignatov has appeared as a witness for the DOJ.

Examination by prosecutors spanned questions about his involvement in OneCoin, working under his sister, Ruja Ignatova, and Mark Scott’s visit to the Sofia head office.

Konstantin (right) appeared for the DOJ as a cooperating witness in prison blues.

Ignatov is currently being held at the Metropolitan Correction Center, pending his own criminal trial.

Our source for information inside Mark Scott’s trial is Matthew Russel Lee, reporting for the Inner City Press.

According to Lee’s report Konstantin

described OneCoin as a multi level marketing operation and identified the Sophia headquarters where Mark Scott visited.

We don’t have a transcript of the DOJ’s entire line of questioning. What we do know however is questioning of Ignatov by the DOJ wrapped up today.

Tomorrow Scott’s defense team will have access to Ignatov for cross-examination.

According to Lee, Scott’s attorney intends to establish Ignatov himself was unaware OneCoin didn’t have a blockchain.

The implication being if Ruja Ignatova’s brother and acting OneCoin CEO didn’t know, how was Mark Scott to know.

I believe this ties into intent. Mark Scott’s defense appears to be “OK I might of lied to banks, but I wasn’t doing it to launder money for OneCoin because I knew it was a fraudulent company”.

Konstantin Ignatov is facing a lengthy prison sentence if convicted. His appearance for the DOJ practically confirms a plea deal in his own case.

Unfortunately we’re likely to be waiting some time before the details of that agreement are made public.

We’re also keeping an eye out for Sebastian Greenwood.

Once again, our thanks to Matthew Russel Lee of the Inner City Press for his coverage.

Lee is covering the OneCoin trial live from New York Daily. So be sure to tune in to the Inner City Press Twitter feed for details.

BehindMLM doesn’t have access to the court but we’ll be reporting any significant developments (courtesy of Lee’s reporting).