Gustav Poola and Gilbert Pardla have been confirmed as the two unnamed DagCoin arrestees.

Along with DagCoin founder Nils Grossberg and insider Kris Ress, Pardla and Poola were arrested last month by Estonian authorities.

Geenius confirmed Pardla’s and Poola’s arrests in an October 31st paywalled article.

On social media Gilbert Pardla (right) describes himself as

an entrepreneur, trader, investor and an enthusiast of Blockchain technology.

I have several bearing roles in various cryptography-related development projects.

I have a lot of experience managing different kinds companies, departments, projects and I have a leader know-how work experience and lead skills manage the teams.

Today, mainly I am owner and CEO for Norwegian construction company and owner and investor for few Estonian enterprises.

Whether Pardla is an owner of DagCoin is unclear.

Gustav Poola (right) heads up Levercode as CEO.

Levercode was created by Grossberg to handle the IT side of DagCoin and Success Factory.

As reported by Geenius on October 31st, after Grossberg’s arrest Levercode announced it was laying off all 21 employees.

One would think the arrest of owners, executives and insiders would also halt DagCoin and Success Factory in its tracks. Not so.

DagCoin’s official FaceBook page was last updated on October 5th. This isn’t surprising seeing as the Ponzi scheme collapsed earlier this year.

Success Factory meanwhile is pushing ahead with its targeting of US consumers.

Following DagCoin’s collapse, Success Factory pivoted to forex themed securities fraud. This coincided with the appointment of Raold Mailly and Jason Tyne as Success Factory’s European and US CEOs respectively.

Up until DagCoin’s collapse, Success Factory is believed to have been owned and operated by Igor Alberts from the Netherlands.

With no Ponzi coins left to shill, a backroom deal is believed to have been cut. This saw Alberts reduced to a passive investor – the financial details of which remain undisclosed.

Alberts confirmed as much in late October, noting the arrangement came to an end just before the Estonian arrests.

BehindMLM strongly suspects Alberts is being protected by Dutch authorities.

In this sense DagCoin and Success Factory mimic OneCoin and OneLife far beyond the two Ponzi business models.

Ruja Ignatova’s connections to organized crime in Russia and Bulgaria have long been suspected. To this day OneCoin and OneLife continue to defraud consumers under the protection of Bulgarian authorities.

Ties to Russian, Bulgarian and/or even Dutch organized crime, would certainly explain how Success Factory is able to continue defrauding consumers. It also explains ongoing inaction by Dutch authorities.

Pending action by Dutch authorities, which seems unlikely at this point, Success Factory continues to defraud consumers from the Netherlands.

DagCoin itself is believed to have defrauded consumers out of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Outside of what Igor Alberts and other top DagCoin and Success Factory earners stole, the bulk of invested funds remains unaccounted for.

A push into US by former OneCoin scammers with potential ties to organized crime will undoubtedly attract the attention of US authorities.

How Success Factory’s push into the US ultimately plays out remains to be seen.