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Vitel and Shopping Sherlock merge. Products?

Having reviewed both Shopping Sherlock and Vitel, one of the common traits amongst both businesses is the lack of products both companies provide. Shopping Sherlock had an app that provides discounts to third-party products and services, and Vitel up until recently exclusively offered third-party products and services through its network. A few months ago Vitel [Continue reading…]

Shopping Sherlock Review: MyShoppingGenie rebooted

The first thing that struck me about Shopping Sherlock was its remarkable similarities with the failed MLM opportunity, My Shopping Genie. Not surprisingly, after a bit of poking around I soon learnt that this was due to the fact that Shopping Sherlock has been built using My Shopping Genie’s assets. Although the idea of an [Continue reading…]

GenieRocket: iWowWe & MyShoppingGenie partner up?

Recently MyShoppingGenie announced a new and upcoming product, RocketGenie. Details have been scarce but from the bits and pieces that have been made public, RocketGenie appears to be a video email and conferencing product. Initially I found this interesting as on the surface MyShoppingGenie appeared to be entering  iWowWe’s territory and going head to head [Continue reading…]

MyShoppingGenie haven’t paid members for 6 months?

Reports of MyShoppingGenie not paying its members started appearing on my radar shortly after I wrote about PreLaunch Australia and its connections to MyShoppingGenie. From what I could gather, due to whatever reason, MyShoppingGenie company hadn’t been paying out its leaders for a while now. The worst of these accounts cited six months with others [Continue reading…]

Did PreLaunch Australia ever officially launch?

A few months ago, Sam Fawahl, Bassem Tal and Adam Marks began the viral marketing campaign for PreLaunch Australia. Designed to be the first public membership drive for the trio’s Beehive Strategy, PreLaunch Australia attracted an alleged 36,000+ free signups in just a few short months. The company itself touted this as being ‘the largest [Continue reading…]

MyShoppingGenie: Paid members are the only users?

The world of online retail is a highly competitive marketplace. With billions of dollars at stake and thousands, if not millions lost in sales the difference between ranking #1 for your specific product or service and even #2, companies spend millions each year vying for that coveted organic search top spot. Then there are companies [Continue reading…]

The Beehive Strategy – Reducing MLM to recruitment

Shortly after the launch of PreLaunch Australia, I uncovered that it was nothing more than a marketing campaign for the public prelaunch phase of The Beehive Strategy. Utilising the MLM company MyShoppingGenie, The Beehive Strategy sought to maximise the recruitment bonuses offered by My Shopping Genie by getting everybody to join in a systematic manner. [Continue reading…]

Sam Fawahl threatens over PreLaunch Australia link

A few days now I started to research a new MLM opportunity that had just begun its prelaunch. Starting around the 25th of July, PreLaunch Australia hit the internet with a mysterious and much hyped up web campaign. In the niche of covering MLMs and naturally curious, I set about investigating the website, trying to [Continue reading…]

EXPOSED: PreLaunch Australia is MyShoppingGenie!

Yesterday I wrote about the mysterious business opportunity ‘PreLaunch Australia’. Due to a complete lack of information provided on the PreLaunch Australia website, I did my best to review the opportunity with what little information was provided. To cut a long story short, I suspected that the PreLaunch Australia opportunity would have something to do with [Continue reading…]

Prelaunch Australia: An Income strategy product line?

The highest distributor payouts in the world. A strategy designed not to leave anyone behind. The potential to profit from everyone who joins after you. Doubling your income every seven months with no extra effort at all. The largest global prelaunch in history. Don’t watch our global success happen, be apart of it. -Prelaunch Australia [Continue reading…]