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iWowwe shut down, sold off to Acesse

Late last year Bill Starkey sold off iWowWe’s video conferencing platform to Acesse. iWowwe appears to have been in trouble dating as far back as early 2015, with reports of “broken promises” from “bad leadership” and affiliates not being paid. Starkey was obviously unable to turn the company around, selling it off to Acesse in [Continue reading…]

iWowwe: Broken promises, unpaid commissions & failed IPO?

That paid video email is all but redundant in this day and age should go without saying, yet it’s the service iWowwe continue to base their MLM opportunity around. 2014 was a bit of a quiet year for the company, at least externally. According to a report from former top iWowwe income-earner Attila Juhasz however, much has been going on [Continue reading…]

Dawn Wright-Olivares pleads guilty to fraud

When I approached Dawn and her team to come on board with iWowWe, I did so because they are the absolute best in the industry and broke every record in MLM history. I was honored to meet her and am THRILLED that they came on board with iWowWe. Cases like these are how innovative business [Continue reading…]

Zeek’s Dawn Wright-Olivares now marketing @ iWowWe

Shortly after she pretty much admitted Zeek Rewards was paying existing affiliates with new affiliate money, Zeek Rewards’ Chief Operating Officer Dawn Wright-Olivares disappeared from the public spotlight. Whether she knew of not of the impending action against the company by the SEC, by the time they moved in to shut down Zeek Rewards Wright-Olivares [Continue reading…]

iWowWe Compensation Plan v3.0 Review

Back when I first reviewed iWowWe in September 2011, the company offered two primary products, video email and “video meeting” (conferencing). This was initially offered as a package at $69.95 upfront and then $20 a month recurring. This was the only way to buy iWowWe’s products and provided access to the compensation plan. As such [Continue reading…]

GenieRocket: iWowWe & MyShoppingGenie partner up?

Recently MyShoppingGenie announced a new and upcoming product, RocketGenie. Details have been scarce but from the bits and pieces that have been made public, RocketGenie appears to be a video email and conferencing product. Initially I found this interesting as on the surface MyShoppingGenie appeared to be entering  iWowWe’s territory and going head to head [Continue reading…]

iWowWe Oct 2011 compensation plan v3.66 changes

I’m not entirely sure why, but in what looks like an effort to expand the previous plan, iWowWe announced changes to its compensation plan last Monday which will come into effect starting October 1st, 2011. Changes to the existing compensation plan include new joining options for new members the introduction of membership ranks a new [Continue reading…]

iWowWe Review: Video communications meets MLM

The benefits of video in marketing and communication over the internet are unquestionably valuable. Perhaps not appropriate in every situation, most people will still find that watching or engaging something or someone with video offers a far more satisfying end user experience. With this comes a host of business opportunities and in an ever expanding [Continue reading…]