prelaunch-australia-logoYesterday I wrote about the mysterious business opportunity ‘PreLaunch Australia’.

Due to a complete lack of information provided on the PreLaunch Australia website, I did my best to review the opportunity with what little information was provided.

To cut a long story short, I suspected that the PreLaunch Australia opportunity would have something to do with marketing and advertising.

Paired with a ‘technology company’, it was also highly likely that in terms of PreLaunch Australia, you’d most likely be looking at some form of lead generation.

Turns out I wasn’t far from the mark.

Shortly after publishing my original review of PreLaunch Australia, BehindMLM reader ‘MaryPatFisher’ mentioned that after conducting her own research into PreLaunch Australia, she’d come across the website ‘PreLaunch Malaysia’.

PreLaunch Malaysialooked identical to PreLaunch Australia and it was pretty easy to tell they’d been designed by the same person(s).

Here’s PreLaunch Australia;

and here’s PreLaunch Malaysia;

Unfortunately, like PreLaunch Australia, PreLaunch Malaysia’s domain whois information was confidential so I still had no idea who was running things.

One notable difference between the two websites I spotted however was the inclusion of the tagline ‘Independent Distributor of MyNet Univ. Inc.’ at the bottom of all the pages on the Malaysian website.

Further research led me to a third near identical site over at ‘’.

Featuring a slightly different layout, the cheesy marketing video and general layout are all still pretty much the same as the Malaysian and Australian prelaunch websites.

That and the ‘Independent Distributor of MyNet Univ. Inc.’ tagline at the bottom pretty much gives it away.

The whois information for isn’t private and reveals the following;

Name: europeanlaunch

Registered: 9 February, 2011


Name: Jones, David

Organisation: The Graphic Edge Ltd

You can confirm this yourself by punching in ‘’ into the organge ‘whois search’ box over at EurID.

Turns out The Graphic Edge is a ‘design and marketing‘ company run out of England by none other than a Mr. David Jones (photo right).

So, now that we’ve got a name to go on, what exactly is it that David Jones is trying to market to people with PreLaunch Europe?

Well, remember the mysterious ‘Independent Distributor of MyNet Univ. Inc.’ tagline that appeared on the bottom of the Malaysian and European prelaunch websites?

‘MyNet Univ’ is short for ‘MyNet Universe’, which is essentially a Skype type program for video conferencing and the like.

Interestingly enough, there’s a pay plan attached to marketing MyNet Universe but it’s not given at the MyNet Universe website, instead you’re redirected to the payplan over at the MLM company ‘MyShoppingGenie’.

MyShoppingGenie? Ah, now we’re getting somewhere.

MyShoppingGenie is a MLM company that has been around for a while now. Their primary product is an application that you install (this is the groundbreaking ‘app’ referred to on all three ‘prelaunch’ websites).

After installation, the MyShoppingGenie application then ‘sits on top of search engines‘ (read: places an annoying blue genie on the bottom right of your internet browser) and if users interact with it, bombards them with ads and online shopping links.

Without going into too much detail, MyShoppingGenie (made by MyNet Universe) also has a MLM compensation plan attached to it. In a nutshell, pay a monthly subscription fee and you’re able to earn a commission on sales made through MyShoppingGenie, as well as on subscription and sales fees on the app itself.

This is where the MLM side of it kicks in and this is precisely what David Jones is recruiting you for via PreLaunch Europe. But what about PreLaunch Australia and PreLaunch Malaysia?


Note: David Jones has clarified in the comments for this article that he is not in any way affiliated with either the PreLaunch Australia or Malaysia websites.

PreLaunch Australia appears to have been designed by ‘Coral Software Solutions’ and PreLaunch Malaysia by Bulgarian website design company ‘Wizzard’. /end note


Given the ‘Independent Distributor of MyNet Univ. Inc.’ tagline that appears at the bottom of PreLaunch Malaysia, it’s a safe bet whoever owns that website is promoting MyShoppingGenie too.

And as for PreLaunch Australia? Given the near identical layout and copy used in the presentation videos (barring the exception of an ‘income strategy’ mentioned exclusively on PreLaunch Australia, there’s a good chance they’re marketing the same opportunity too.


Note: This has been confirmed below in the July 31st update to this article.


Hats off to Jones and whoever is running the PreLaunch Australia and Malaysia sites for effort, but the best marketing strategy is always going to be an upfront, honest and open one. Unfortunately PreLaunch Australia, Malaysia and Europe are anything but.

For those looking at joining PreLaunch Australia, or any of the other PreLaunch sites, take note that you’ll do so under Jones’ downline (for Prelaunch Europe or under whoever is running the other two websites’ downline. For all three websites it’s a safe bet that MyShoppingGenie is the MLM opportunity you’ll be marketing.


Update 31 July 2011: Troy Dooly over at MLMHelpDesk sent me a whois for PreLaunch Australia’s nameserver, (

That whois contains the contact email address, and co-incidentally, there’s a ‘Sam Fawahl’ (photo right) promoting PreLaunch Australia over at Twitter.

Along with PreLaunch Australia, Sam Fawahl is also promoting something called the Beehive Strategy, of which he is the co-founder of along with Adam Marks.

So what’s the Beehive Strategy?

It appears to be a marketing system for MyShoppingGenie that Fawahl and Marks have been trying to push since late 2010 without much luck.

From the now defunct ‘’;

The Beehive Strategy was created to assist members in creating a great passive income with many income opportunities starting with the My Shopping Genie business opportunity.

After researching the Genie’s compensation plan, we have created a strategy for our members to achieve the rank of global distributor within the Genie. Our strategy is based on strategically placing members into the Genie compensation plan so that every member could achieve this rank in the most effective way possible.

Once we have created a large number of global distributors – those members will be invited to take part in our Diamond Strategy, whatever that is. This no doubt will entitle you to even more income and bonuses.

In other words, its The Beehive Strategy appears to be an attempt to game the MyShoppingGenie compensation plan within a co-op run by Marks and Fawahl.

The Beehive Strategy and MyShoppingGenie are at the heart of PreLaunch Australia (and other such sites) and Marks and Fawahl (who both appear to be based in Melbourne, Australia) appear to be MyShoppingGenie distributors.

Of course they could have just come out and announced all that instead of all the hype, but in trying to get the Beehive Strategy off the ground since late 2010 – it appears whatever Fawahl and Marks were doing before wasn’t working (they’ve previously held four conferences on the strategy in Australia without much luck).

For now, it seems the idea is to keep as much information about the Beehive Strategy under wraps until the PreLaunch Australia ticker counts down to launch.

From what I’ve been able to ascertain, the Beehive Strategy is going to be a membership only site (which was going for $49.95 AUD a month back in December 2010). To be succesful (and presumably eligible to participate), you’ve then got to refer the strategy to around four people.

Eventually the idea is that the Beehive Strategy will branch out from MyShoppingGenie to be applied to other opportunities (they need a MLM opportunity to test it out on first).

Best of luck guys, but next time how about just being honest with what you’re doing hey?

Currently The Beehive Strategy website is under construction (until PreLaunch Australia launches of course), however as food for thought here’s a snippet from their ‘Terms of Service’;

There are no guarantees and there can be no assurance that any prior successes, or past results, as to financial outcome expressed on this web site can be used as an indication of your personal future success or results.

Financial outcomes expressed on this web site are not to be considered as average. Few individuals achieve a high degree of success.

In this instance, I imagine the ‘few individuals’ Marks and Fawahl are referring to are themselves.

Currently Marks and Fawahl are claiming they’ve had 1000 people signup since prelaunching roughly 48 hours ago;

I only hope those 1000 people know what exactly it is they’re getting themselves into…


Update 4th August 2011: Sam Fawahl has sent an email threatening me with ‘the authorities if this information isn’t taken down.

I guess that’s as good a confirmation as any that the information provided here is accurate.