myadvertisingpays-logoThe MyAdvertisingPays website domain was registered in June 2013, with the scheme launching a few months later.

As we approach the end of 2015, that brings us to the typical two-year lifecycle of online Ponzi schemes, after which time liabilities racked up truly spiral out of control.

Typically what we see with such schemes at this point is either a collapse, regulatory shutdown (following an investigation having been carried out for months) or a compensation plan change.

No doubt in an attempt to stave off a collapse, and possibly aware regulators are closing in on them in the US, October 13th saw MyAdvertisingPays announced “The Most Important Update Ever Released!”.

In the update, MyAdvertisingPays buried their abandoning of US operations towards the end of the update:

After careful consideration and extensive consultation with our Legal Team, MAP Executives, Tax Advisors, Financial Advisors and European MAP Leaders, we have unfortunately decided to completely pull out of the American marketplace.

The official reasons cited for terminating US operations makes little sense:

It simply isn’t profitable for us to remain engaged there. Over 90% of our business already comes from Europe, while we are catering to the US members by operating in US currency.

It doesn’t make good business sense to continue operating in a place and expending valuable resources in a market that’s steadily declining.

MyAdvertisingPay’s business model sees affiliates invest in $49.99 “credit packs”, which pay out an advertised $60 ROI.


The ROIs on credit packs are funded by subsequent investment, making MyAdvertisingPays a Ponzi scheme.

MyAdvertisingPays payment processors cited in the announcement include iPayout, SolidTrustPay and VX Gateway.

Soliciting investment from US affiliates through any of these processors does not cost MyAdvertisingPays anything extra.

Further evidence of this is the fact that MAPS US affiliates referral commissions remain intact:

Any American member with referrals will still earn referral commissions from those referrals purchases uninterrupted, according to your Membership Level.

Clearly paying US affiliates is not a problem, rather it’s the marketing of MAP’s Ponzi scheme business model in the US that they’re shutting down.

Meanwhile the inclusion of iPayout as a payment processor for MyAdvertisingPays is of particular concern.

iPayout have a US presence and were all too happy to provide payment processing services to TelexFree, later revealed to be a $3 billion dollar Ponzi scheme.

iPayout only suspended TelexFree’s processor services the day before the SEC shut the scheme down.

It seems iPayout learned little from that experience, with it still soliciting business from the MLM underbelly.

In early 2014 the processor did announce a compliance overhaul, but as evidenced of their continued affiliation with schemes committing financial fraud, that appears to have been little more than lip-service.

In an attempt to put as much distance between themselves and US regulators, MyAdvertisingPays have moved to segregate US invested funds from the rest of the scheme.

Current US members can no longer purchase credit packs.

If you are an American member, even though Profit-Share earnings are not guaranteed, your currently held credit packs will be paid off completely over an extended time-frame.

The extension will be due to the loss in profit we will obviously have from the American market.

The America profit-share system is now separated from the International profit-share system. The US-PS system will pay out profits according to advertising purchased by American participants.

Whether or not iPayout or MyAdvertisingPays themselves are aware of a US regulatory investigation into the scheme is unclear. But something clearly has them spooked.

The CEO and Founder of MyAdvertisingPays is Mike Deese, a US citizen.

Deese’s last known whereabouts was Mississippi in the US. Whether or not he’s still in the country is unclear.

One interesting addition to the MAPS announcement is an email from their Illionois based attorneys, David & Hart.

It has come to our attention that there exist multiple internet-based avenues being used for defamatory and libelous speech against MAP.

Through our research, we have found many, if not all, of these claims to be without merit.

What “research” David & Hart did is unclear, but they apparently have failed to identify the blatant Ponzi scheme staring them in the face.


Perhaps they could ask Gerry Nehra how that works out?

Turning a blind eye to the Ponzi fraud they represent as attorneys, Jonathan D. Herpy Sr. continues;

MAP would like to emphasize and reassure you that their decision to cease operations in the United States is in no way connected to the aforementioned defamation and libel claims.

Echoes of AdSurfDaily indeed.

With MyAdvertisingPays ROI liabilities having likely hit critical mass, here’s what non-US investors can look forward to:

Advertising Funds will not be in MAP 2.0. Once we transfer all current members to MAP 2.0, the new accounts will not have Advertising Funds.

Current product codes will not be transferred because the new advertising system will be completely different.

The provided ETA on these changes is about six months, with the changes themselves likely just to be a new coat of paint on MAP’s “use newly invested funds to pay off existing investors” business model.

Oh and expect a bunch of reboot marketing hype too, as existing investors scramble to make back what they realize they’ve otherwise lost in the scheme (no influx of new investors = no ROI payouts).

In an attempt to screw investors out of as much funds as possible, MyAdvertisingPays also announced the following:

Membership fees will not be refunded.

Anyone with a certain credit pack level (number yet to be determined), will have a small monthly account maintenance fee.

In the meantime, MAPS advises

If you are an International Member;

Absolutely nothing will change for you! You will earn profits based on International sales, which are tremendous!

The International Reserve Fund will be untouched for US payouts.

Stay tuned…