myadvertisingpays-logoMyAdvertisingPays (commonly abbreviated as “MAP”), launched in late 2013. The company was originally advertised as being based out of the US, but within a month of launch appears to have “relocated” to Anguilla.

A Google search on the provided corporate address reveals multiple businesses using the same address. This is typical of virtual office space.

As such, MyAvertisingPays’ being located in Anguilla appears to be in name only, indicating a lack of belief in the company’s business model will stand up to the regulatory scrutiny in the US.

Named as CEO and Founder of MyAdvertisingPays is Mike Deese (he also goes by “Michael Deese”). Deese is based out of the US state of Mississippi (where MyAdvertisingPays is actually run out of), and circa early 2013 was an affiliate of Rocket Cash Cycler:


Rocket Cash Cycler was a matrix-based pyramid scheme that charged participants $315 to join, and then paid them $5000 when enough new recruits had joined.

In the article “Get to know Mike”, posted on a marketing blog set up to promote Deese and MyAdvertisingPays, Deese hints that he’s been repeatedly burned by opportunities that have collapsed:

I would work so hard to create a reliable income and help others do the same, only to have the business shut down and take all of our collective hard work with it.

Deese doesn’t explicitly mention which businesses he was an affiliate of. In another blog post, titled “Why MyAdvertisingPays will Succeed Where Many Others Have Failed”, Deese demonstrates some knowledge of the Ponzi and pyramid scheme underbelly of the MLM industry, specifically referencing Zeek Rewards, Profitable Sunrise and Fortune High-Tech Marketing.

Whether or not Deese was an affiliate in any of those programs however, is unclear.

I was unable to find any mention of Deese running any other MLM companies, indicating that MyAdvertisingPays is his first attempt at running a company.

Read on for a full review of the MyAdvertisingPays MLM business opportunity.

The MyAdvertisingPays Product Line

MyAdvertisingPays has no retailable products or services. The company does market three “solutions” on its website, however visitors must sign up as an affiliate before they can purchase anything.

Once an affiliate has signed up, they are then able to purchase advertising credits, which can be used to display advertising on the MyAdvertisingPays website. Some of these ads are also shown to MyAdvertisingPays affiliates, who are required to view them to qualify for a daily ROI.

The MyAdvertisingPays Compensation Plan

The MyAdvertisingPays compensation plan revolves around affiliates signing up and then investing in $49.99 “credit packs”.

Each credit pack is invested in on the promise of an advertised $60 ROI. Taken from MyAdvertisingPays’ FAQ:

The cost for one Credit Pack is $49.99. This product also has a profit-sharing element attached to it. Each Credit Pack you purchase will return you $60 over time.

To qualify for their daily ROI, MyAdvertisingPays affiliates ‘must click on 10 ads daily‘.

MyAdvertisingPays don’t guarantee a minimum daily ROI, but do specify that the amount they can pay out is determined by how much new affiliate money flows into the business:

Payouts depend on the volume of sales. At times, volume will be higher than others, so ones earnings will vary accordingly.

“Sales” of course being code for affiliate investment in credit packs.

Referral commissions are offered on credit pack investments made by recruited affiliates, paying out a 10% commission.

This is apparently extendable to 18%, however MyAdvertisingPays do not provide specific details on their website. They do however indicate that the increase is tied into the number of new investors an affiliate brings into the scheme:

All you have to do is introduce others to M.A.P.

I’ve also seen some social media talk about referral commissions being tied into membership levels:

Anyone anywhere can achieve the 10% referral commission level without paying for any Membership Levels!

This indicates the possibility of referral commissions being determined by how much a MyAdvertisingPays affiliate pays in membership fees.

Joining MyAdvertisingPays

Affiliate membership to MyAdvertisingPays is $24.99 annually.

Free membership is available, however free affiliates can only earn referral commissions (by getting other to invest).



Using the familiar advertising credit + Ponzi scheme business model, MyAdvertisingPays simple shuffle new affiliate money around to pay off existing investors.

The screenshot below, taken from an advertising video that plays on the MyAdvertisingPays website, spells out the Ponzi nature of the business even further:


Affiliates buy in at $49.99 a pop, are given some busybody work to do (click ads), in return for a 120% ROI ($60).

In an effort to differentiate itself from your standard Ponzi scheme, MyAdvertisingPays has come up with some baloney about a “reserve fund”:

Does M.A.P. have a reserve fund?

Yes! Aside from the initial reserve fund provided by the Company, a portion of all incoming funds are re-directed to a reserve fund ensuring level payouts continue over the long-term.

The truth of the matter is that all Ponzi schemes launch with a reserve fund, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to initially pay out the >100% ROIs all Ponzi schemes offer.

The problem is what happens when that reserve fund runs out? No matter how much money a Ponzi scheme starts with, the “paying out more money than is initially invested” business model guarantees all Ponzi schemes will run out of money sooner or later (once new investment dries up).

What happens then?



Update 7th April 2016 – In an effort to reduce ROI liability, My Advertising Pays has introduced monthly fees for affiliates.

  • Entry – no cost and capped at 14 active investments
  • Casual – €10.99 EUR a month in fees and capped at 75 active investments
  • Professional – €26.99 EUR a month in fees and capped at 250 active investments
  • Free Time – €55.99 EUR a month in fees and capped at 500 active investments
  • New Lifestyle – €99.99 EUR a month in fees and capped at 1000 active investments

My Advertising Pay’s new affiliate fees represent ROI clawbacks of almost €1200 EUR annually.

  • Casual – €131.88 EUR paid back
  • Professional – €323.88 EUR paid back
  • Free Time – €671.88 EUR paid back
  • New Lifestyle – €1199.88 EUR paid back

Other than My Advertising Pays affiliates earning less money, there doesn’t appear to be any other changes made to the company’s compensation plan.