myadvertisingpays-logoMy Advertising Pays initially launched in 2013. The business model was simple: My Advertising Pays affiliates invested $49.99 on the promise of an advertised $60 ROI.

By the end of 2015 My Advertising Pays began to show signs of collapse. The company kept itself afloat however by paying US affiliates a fraction of the $60 ROI it owed them.

In an attempt to evade the SEC, the company also announced it was leaving the US and setting up shop in the UK.

My Advertising Pays first reboot lasted until about late August this year when, without warning, My Advertising Pays ceased honoring affiliate withdrawals.

In an effort to smooth over the collapse, My Advertising Pays were quick to blame their payment processor, VX Gateway.

So the story goes, VX Gateway froze funds and went into liquidation, something something My Advertising Pays can’t pay affiliates their $60 ROIs.

Here’s the thing though, by all accounts VX Gateway was set up solely to process My Advertising Pays investment deposits.

The processor has no other clients and is in all likelihood linked to My Advertising Pays far beyond your typical client/processor relationship.

The ruse between My Advertising Pays and VX Gateway is that My Advertising Pays is mulling legal action against the processor. In reality however, that will probably be as eventful as their threatened lawsuit against Tara Talks.

That’s currently where My Advertising Pays is at and has been now for a few months. The Ponzi scheme has all but collapsed, with investors in limbo as to where they’re invested funds and promised ROIs are at.

Now, an update circulated to My Advertising Pays affiliates over the last twenty-four hours is promising a reboot.

Dubbed “My Advertising Pays 2.5” (the first 2.0 reboot was the departure from the US), the planned reboot is scheduled to take place sometime this month.

During the month of November, MAP will relaunch! Duly dubbed, MAP 2.5.

During the past several months, MAP members have not only shown us their loyalty, but have put on display their commitment to the MAP brand and Mission.

Through this process, MAP (along with its representatives, executives, and CEO Michael Deese), have learned all-to-well who they should consider their allies and who they should consider their foes.

One such company that MAP is proud to consider a strong ally, and a company that MAP can now introduce as its full-time credit card processor is: GPN DATA GROUP INTERNATIONAL.

GPN Data Group International is a little-known processor that maintains offices in Europe (Latvia and Georgia) and Africa (Mauritius).

On Facebook GPN Data Group International claims to be a “consulting agency” based out of Warsaw, Poland. On their website, GPN Data Group International do not represent having any offices in Poland.

GPN do however cite Poland in the “Governing Law & Jurisdiction” part of their Terms and Conditions:

By publishing, accessing, and/or using this Site, you and Company agree that all matters arising from or relating to the use and operation of this Site will be governed by the laws of the Republic of Poland.

GPN claim to ‘cooperate with multiple banks around the world from Azerbaijan to United States’. Which banks they will use to launder My Advertising Pays Ponzi funds through however is unclear.

As part of the new reboot, My Advertising Pays reveal they are abandoning Europe (in much the same way they abandoned the US), to focus primarily on affiliate recruitment in Asia.

We at MAP are proud to announce that beginning in December of 2016, MAP will be expanding its user base around the world! Starting in December, MAP – with the aid of GPN DATA – will be expanding our reach to the continent of Asia.

Most specifically, it is planned that MAP will begin accepting both Japanese and South Korean signups, and consequently the Japanese Yen and South Korean Won, beginning in or about December of 2016!

None of the above are of course English-speaking countries. Which is key to local My Advertising Pays scammers being able to promote the Ponzi scheme to new audiences.

As to existing invested funds and the ROI promised to My Advertising Pays affiliates prior to the August collapse?

Previously acquired credit packs and account balances will be parked and, for the time being, cease to produce profit-share.

They no longer exist. with My Advertising Pays effectively sweeping away any and all existing ROI liabilities going forward.

Anyway, enough about that! We are here to announce the relaunch during the month of November, the incredible partnership that we are unveiling with GPN DATA, and our HUGE cross-continent expansion into the Asian market.

If I may;

My Advertising Pays launched in 2013 and collapsed in late 2015. The company relaunched by stealing invested US funds and effectively denying US withdrawals.

That lasted about seven months, with My Advertising Pays again collapsing in August of this year.

Now the company is going to relaunch by again stealing invested funds and denying withdrawals.

So what happens when the Asia reboot collapses in less than seven months? On to Africa? And then what?

The raw math behind My Advertising Pays sees a $60 ROI liability created on each $50 deposit. No matter who the company uses for processing or where My Advertising is marketed, sooner or later it’s going to collapse.

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