My BlockX has received a securities fraud warning from the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC).

As per the OSC’s May 17th warning;

MyBlockX … is not registered in Ontario to engage in the business of trading in securities.

My BlockX is a continuation of the My Blockchain Life Ponzi scheme.

BehindMLM last checked in on My BlockX last September. We found the company offering affiliate investors annual returns of up to 580% through a “staking” model.

At the time primarily US-based My BlockX investors were attempting to offload their worthless BLKX tokens onto unsuspecting Colombians.

Those efforts appear to have since collapsed, with SimilarWeb tracking just ~2500 visits to My BlockX’s website in April 2023. Updated geo-data is not available.

For the OSC to pay attention though, presumably someone is trying to get My BlockX recruitment going again in Canada.

Originally fronted by Glenn Williams, until he Herman Cain Awarded himself in October 2021, My BlockX is believed to be owned and operated by Jeremie Sowerby.

Sowerby (right), is a Canadian national living in the US state of Arizona.

In MLM circles Sowerby is best known as the owner and CEO of Dunamis Mining.

Dunamis Mining was an MLM crypto “mining” themed Ponzi launched in early 2019.

A few months after launch, Sowerby put BitClub Network scammer Joe Abel in charge and rebranded as Dunamis Global Tech.

Dunamis Global Tech collapsed by the end of 2019. Sowerby sold the affiliate investor base off to Travis Bott’s Onyx Lifestyle Ponzi. My Blockchain Life launched a few months later in mid 2020.

Sowerby has kept a low profile throughout My Blockchain Life’s and My BlockX’s operation, mostly hiding behind the scenes.