A new motion by the FTC has requested the currently scheduled preliminary injunction hearing for June 26th be pushed back to July.

The FTC’s motion has consent from all of the named defendants, as well as the court-appointed temporary MOBE Receiver.

The reason cited for the delay is the voluminous evidence the FTC filed in support of their complaint, TRO and motion for a preliminary injunction.

Due to the volume of materials filed in this action, defendants have requested additional time to familiarize themselves with the matter and prepare for the preliminary injunction hearing.

The FTC has requested a new preliminary injunction hearing date of July 17th, up until which the current TRO will be extended to.

The other interesting tidbit is the revelation Matthew Lloyd has come out of hiding.

As per the FTC’s motion;

Matthew Lloyd McPhee and the corporate defendants (MOBE) have not yet retained counsel, but Mr. McPhee is currently in discussions with attorneys to secure representation in this matter.

One of those attorneys has represented to the FTC that Mr. McPhee and each of the corporate defendants consents to extension of the TRO and rescheduling of the preliminary injunction hearing to July 17.

The MOBE Receiver previously appealed to the public for assistance following Lloyd’s refusal to communicate with the Receivership.

With consent from each defendant I can’t see why the FTC’s motion would be denied, meaning we can expect a new preliminary injunction hearing date in July.

We’ll have an exact date for you pending an order on the motion.

Between now and the July preliminary injunction hearing, our next MOBE update is expected to be coverage of a filed report by the Receiver.


Update 20th June 2018 – The rescheduled preliminary injunction hearing has been confirmed for July 17th.

The current TRO will remain in place until the hearing.