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MTI to restrict withdrawals with KYC in November

Following on from the FSCA conducting raids on Mirror Trading International’s offices and residences of its executives, CEO Johann Steynberg has fronted affiliates desperate for answers. Unfortunately all they got was bad news. Starting next month, MTI is planning to restrict withdrawals by implementing KYC.

Mirror Trading International offices raided by SA authorities

Mirror Trading International’s offices in South Africa have been raided by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority. Additionally the residences of Clynton and Cheri Marks have also been raided.

Mirror Trading International Ponzi blown open by data leak

Owing to the use of off-the-shelf scam software, the internals of Mirror Trading International have been made public. We know how much they company currently has on deposit, what they owe and who who has so far stolen what.

MTI drops forex trades for crypto trades, both non-existent

In an email sent out to affiliate investors, Mirror Trading International has announced it’s dropping non-existent forex trading for non-existent crypto trading.

Mirror Trading International sec fraud warning from Sth Africa

South Africa has issued a securities fraud warning against Mirror Trading International. The Financial Sector Conduct Authority claims ‘returns on the investments claimed by MTI seem far-fetched and unrealistic.’

Broker boots Mirror Trading International, claims no trading

Up until recently, Mirror Trading International claimed FX Choice was its broker. Using FX Choice’s platform, Mirror Trading International claimed to trade using AI bots. Now a representative from FX Choice has revealed Mirror Trading International was booted from their platform back in June. Oh and surprise surprise, trading was virtually non-existent.

Mirror Trading International securities fraud C&D in Texas

Mirror Trading International has received an emergency securities fraud cease and desist from Texas.

Mirror Trading International Review: Forex trading daily returns

Mirror Trading International operates in the forex trading MLM niche. The company is incorporated and based out of South Africa. Heading up Mirror Trading International is CEO and founder Johann Steynberg. Prior to founding Mirror Trading International, Steynberg (right) was promoting Syntek Global. Based on his Twitter account activity, at some point Steynberg took an [Continue reading…]