Arrested MTI CEO Johannes Steynberg has been enjoying internet access from a Brazilian prison.

As reported by Goias24Horas, Steynberg (right) gained access to the Director’s office at the prison he is being held at.

Specific details of how Steynberg gained access aren’t disclosed but the obvious explanation is bribery.

Steynberg is reported to have been managing his financial affairs from within the prison Director’s office. What else he might have been getting up to beyond that is unclear.

Goias24Horas cites Goiás Penal System Employees Union president Maxsuel Miranda das Neves as their source.

Miranda reported Steynberg’s illegal internet access to Goias Penal Police Director-General Josimar do Nascimento.

Goias24Horas also claims Miranda “intends to report the scheme to the international police” (Interpol?).

Steynberg, who fled South Africa in late 2020 and was arrested in Brazil in December 2021, had regulatory proceedings initiated against him in both South Africa and the US.

The CFTC secured a $3.4 billion default judgment against Steynberg in April 2023. While South Africa has put in a formal extradition request, the nature of South Africa’s case against Steynberg is unclear.

Brazilian authorities have also gone after Steynberg for identity fraud, relating to his 2020 arrest on false documents.

Steynberg was convicted of identity fraud earlier this year. He was sentenced to three years and six months in prison, commuted to a fine.

Both Steynberg’s lawyers and State Prosecutors have appealed the sentence. Steynberg’s lawyers are pushing for a lighter sentence, State Prosecutors argue Steynberg got off too lightly.

Other than him illegally gaining access to the internet, there have been no updates on Steynberg’s Brazilian proceedings since August.


Update 26th April 2024 – Johannes Steynberg has reportedly died of acute respiratory failure in Brazil.