Mido Finance has collapsed.

Withdrawals stopped a few days ago and the company’s social media accounts have been wiped.

From what I’ve been able to place, Mido Finance withdrawals stopped around the time the crypto market took a dump earlier this week.

Coinciding with withdrawals stopping is Mido Finance deleting its official FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram accounts:

When BehindMLM reviewed Mido Finance last November, the company was uploading videos to an official YouTube channel.

The company since either lost the account or deleted that channel too. At time of publication marketing videos featured on the Mido Finance website (which is still up), are hosted through Odysee.

One video, uploaded on April 19th, 2022, features an actor playing Mido Finance CEO “Javier Rodriguez”.

Last November the only Mido Finance executive on camera was the actor playing CMO “Lionel Von Berne” (see screenshot above).

Mido Finance’s collapse follows a steep decline in traffic to its website between March and April:

As tracked by SimilarWeb, the majority of Mido Finance investors are believed to be from Germany (31%), France (9%), Argentina (7.2%), South Korea (7%) and the US (6%).

Pending regulatory action, which is unlikely seeing as Mido Finance was a Boris CEO Ponzi with ties to Dubai, total investor losses remain unknown.