Shortly after COTP collapsed, Metafi Yielders accomplice CEO Michael Daher took to FaceBook to hold a live.

Acknowledging some investors were having a “meltdown or a panic”, Daher went on to deliver more bad news.

Blaming “the market”, Daher framed Metafi Yielder’s collapse as “just a pause”.

We need to make some changes to our system. We do need to make some changes to our algorithm because I wasn’t prepared for a crash.

Daher went on to announce not so much “changes”, but more “thanks for your money, g’bye”.

So for the next thirty days we are switching off.

There’s just going to be some changes to the website. We are not going to put a timer on it. It’s not going to be that long.

We are not taking deposits as well as withdrawals. No money has gone missing.

Daher goes on to suggest KYC will be implemented as a potential exit-scam tactic in the future. Live chat support for investors has also been terminated.

In other words, it’s over.

I say that because for the past twenty days Metafi Yielders has been soliciting $10,000 investments.

Metafi Yielders’ 4.2% a day plans, which remember were introduced to reduce the original 42 day plan expiry cashing out, were introduced on or around May 4th.

The plans have a 42 day expiry (Metafi Yielders prolongs collapse by only paying Monday to Friday), with twenty days having passed today.

With a large number of MLM crypto Ponzis collapsing over the past fortnite (a number of which are run by the same group of scammers), a new bullshit infinity percentage plan isn’t likely to keep people reinvesting.

So instead Metafi Yielders has just turned off withdrawals altogether. Like COTP, rather than just acknowledged they’re exit-scamming, you have a “pause” ruse to drag things out.

Math is math though and the end result however is always the same.

The other tell is Metafi Yielders’ ongoing withdrawal problems, which began a few days after the 4.2% plan was introduced.

On May 17th, with withdrawals still disabled, new restrictions were announced.

  • investors are limited to two withdrawals a day, capped at $4000
  • withdrawals will now be approved manually, subject to a 24 to 48 hour wait time
  • investors are no longer permitted to pull out their capital prior to their investment plan expiring

The next day withdrawals were disabled again. It wasn’t until May 20th they were reopened, still subject to the above restrictions.

Presumably over the next two days everyone cashed out what they could… and here we are with the writing on the wall.

Metafi Yielders’ accomplice CEO “Michael Daher” is played by actor Michel Daher, a resident of Perth, Australia.

The actual owners of Metafi Yielders are believed to be the usual Russian Boris CEO suspects. They are suspected of also running the recently collapsed Swapnex Ponzi.

Based on ongoing analysis by SimilarWeb, traffic to Metafi Yielders’ website appears to have peaked in April. We don’t have a geographical breakdown yet.

Daher pegs Metafi Yielders investors at over 20,000. Total investor losses are unknown.


Update 12th June 2022 – Following on from hiding MetaFi Yielders’ official FaceBook group, all videos from MetaFi Yielders’ YouTube channel have now been deleted.


Update 28th June 2022 – Metafi Yielders’ website is offline.