Metafi Yielders has received a pyramid fraud from the Central Bank of Russia.

As per the CBR’s June 2nd warning, Metafi Yielders exhibits “signs of a financial pyramid”.

Metafi Yielders launched on or around April 2022. When the maturity period for earlier $2500 and higher investment rolled around, new $10,000 plans were launched to trap money in the system.

Less than a week later Metafi Yielders introduced withdrawal restrictions. A week after that the Ponzi scheme collapsed completely.

The CBR’s warning is of particular significance, as Metafi Yielders is suspected of being run by Russians.

Michel Daher, an Australian citizen purportedly residing in Perth, is the accomplice actor CEO hired to front Metafi Yielders.

Daher runs Metafi Yielders as “Michael Daher”. Boris CEO Ponzi schemes are typically the work of Russian or Ukrainian scammers.

As I understand it Daher was supposed to hold an excuses webinar for investors on Wednesday.

Daher missed the scheduled webinar without explanation. There has been no further communication.

Metafi Yielders’ official Telegram was deleted earlier this week. The company’s official FaceBook group is no longer publicly searchable.

All signs are pointing to Daher having gone into hiding.