Following ~2 months of withdrawal issues, Maxpread Technologies has collapsed.

The Russian scammers running the Ponzi are trying to keep it together. Meanwhile former CEO and frontman Jan Gregory has thrown his partners in crime under the bus.

I don’t have a specific timeline for Maxpread Technologies withdrawal issues. A few days ago though a BehindMLM reader wrote in to advise;

Maxpread withdrawal is now in selective mode, they only pay to new users who joined and invested early.

Once they they sure new user will not reinvest anything then they will not pay anything to them.

Maxpread Technologies withdrawal issues are claimed to date back approximately two months.

Maxpread Technologies officially collapsing culminates with “CEO” Jan Gregory resigning last week.

It is with a heavy heart and a great deal of contemplation that I write to inform you of my decision to relinquish my position as CEO of Maxpread Technologies.

Over the past few months, I have witnessed a series of mismanagement of people’s funds within this organization.

As the leader of this organization, I can no longer tolerate or be associated with such practices!

Maxpread Technologies addressed Gregory’s departure in a June 12th update in their Telegram group.

Today we would like to reach out to you to make an important announcement and to provide clarity. Jan Gregory, who was our CEO until a week ago, has been relieved of his duties with immediate effect.

This decision was made due to irreconcilable differences that could not be resolved. It was a tough, but necessary decision that we had to make in the best interest of the company.

This is due to the damage to the reputation of the company and its community through unrestrained behavior and severe neglect of obligations.

We came to the conclusion that Jan was simultaneously acting as CEO of other companies, which is incompatible with our company philosophy. We firmly believe that we need a 100% focus on Maxpread to realize our full potential.

Moreover, we have learned that lawsuits are pending against Jan in Canada and the USA. These legal disputes have cast Maxpread in an unfavorable light and we cannot and do not want to employ a CEO who is being prosecuted.

What was particularly disappointing was that Jan tried to recruit members of our community for his new projects and shared his referral links internally with many leaders. We could no longer tolerate this unprofessional and trust-breaking behavior.

In addition, he introduced people from America and Canada into the system, which is against our policies. We are currently analyzing the situation and will present a solution shortly.

Despite Jan’s attempts to damage our brand through negative campaigns, we want to emphasize that we have made this decision and we will actively counteract such negative campaigns.

Furthermore, we will monitor Jan Gregory and his behavior as well as the people who follow him. We advise everyone to be cautious and not to be tempted into similar actions.

Gregory, a Canadian national who also goes by Jan Strzepka and Jan Gregory Cerato, was fined $165,000 for securities fraud in Alberta in late 2022.

Maxpread Technologies received a securities fraud cease and desist from California in April 2023.

While it’s not out of the question given Gregory’s prolific Ponzi promotion, BehindMLM isn’t aware of pending US regulatory action. Nor would the Russian scammers behind Maxpread Technologies be.

After being sued for securities fraud in Canada, Gregory fled to Dubai. Shortly thereafter he teamed up with Russian scammers hiding out in Turkey, leading to Gregory being given executive positions in Maxpread Technologies (CEO), Vortic United (CMO), CoinMarketBull (Global Leader) and CloudFI (CEO).

So far CoinMarketBull and Maxpread Technologies have collapsed, Vortic United and CloudFI probably aren’t too far behind.

As of late May, Gregory added the SureX Ponzi to his promotion roster.

I believe going outside of his Russian crime partnership might be where the friction lies.

In response to Maxpread Technologies’ Telegram communication, Gregory declared the Ponzi scheme “dead”.

June 12, 2023 Subject: Important Update Regarding My Resignation. Maxpread is Dead.

I wanted to update you about my recent decision to resign from Maxpread Company.

Since they released a poor attempt at discrediting me, I wanted you to take careful consideration moving forward and realize that I could no longer continue my association with the company due to concerns regarding manipulative practices related to the handling of our people’s money.

It became increasingly clear to me that these practices could lead to unfavorable outcomes in the future.

Throughout my time at Maxpread Company, I witnessed money mismanagement, unprofessional behavior and a lack of transparency that deeply troubled me.

The realization that these practices were prevalent behind the scenes only reinforced my decision to step away from the organization after the Russian leaders had forced the owners in hiding to withdraw over 50% of our peoples money from the Agora AI engine to pay them back from further exposing the owners identities online with BehindMLM.

For what it’s worth while we know Gregory has partnered up with Russian organized crime interests, beyond various actors used we don’t specifically know who sits at the top.

Gregory doesn’t name his Russian partners either. Instead he goes on to name and shame two executives he appears to have worked with;

Regrettably, it appears that specific individuals within the company responsible for mismanagement of our monies namely Tina Sachs the failing CTO (massive failure occurred recently when all our emails were compromised by hackers) and Dennis Heck the pathetic COO (who has zero business or networking knowledge, do not give them your information) who are both envious of my leadership have chosen to play dirty games with our Leaders & Teams withdrawls [sic] and then further discredit me and cast aspersions on my personal brand.

Sachs and Heck are likely actors using aliases. I couldn’t find them on camera to confirm (which, when it comes to Russian Boris CEO Ponzis, kind of speaks for itself).

Between April and May 2023, Maxpread Technologies’ website traffic declined by 31%.

As tracked by SimilarWeb, top sources of Maxpread Technologies website traffic are Germany (18%), France (17%), Russia (13%, the only top country to grow between April and May), the US (11%) and Vietnam (7%).