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Lyoness President claims “pushing shopping is a mistake”

A top Lyoness distributor, who claims to have over 2 million members under him, has admitted “focusing on shopping is a mistake”.

Lyoness victims able to recover 2007 to 2012 losses

As part of a consumer protection ruling in Austria, Lyoness has been ordered to compensate victims with interest. The ruling covers Lyoness victim losses on investments made between 2007 to 2009 and in 2012.

Lyoness loses second Norway appeal, permanently banned nationwide

The Norwegian Gaming Board has rejected Lyoness’ second appeal, resulting in the Ponzi scheme being permanently banned in Norway.

Lyoness victims in Italy demand return of their losses (53 million euro)

Following a nation-wide ban and 3.2 million euro regulatory fine, Lyoness affiliate investors in Italy want their money back. To that end Lyoness’ Italian victims have lawyered up to demand the return of their losses.

Lyoness a pyramid scheme in Italy, fined 3.2 million euro

Following a boom in local investor recruitment, Lyoness caught the attention of Italian authorities. Italy’s Competition Authority (AGCM) announced a preliminary investigation into Lyoness in September 2018. The investigation concluded in late December, resulting in Lyoness being declared a pyramid scheme.

Lyoness suspends voucher Ponzi scheme in Italy

In response to authorities announcing a preliminary investigation, Lyoness has suspended investment from Italy.

Lyoness under preliminary investigation in Italy

In what very well could be an early death-knell for Lyoness, Italian authorities have announced a preliminary investigation into the company.

Lyoness reveals only 21% of Cashback World cards used in 2017

One of the common rebuttals we see to Lyoness’ Ponzi scheme is the cashback side of the business. Originally offered through Lyoness itself, the cashback scheme was rebranded as CashBack World last year. Following the Gaming Board’s decision to ban and then uphold Lyoness’ ban in Norway, the company has filed a second appeal. In [Continue reading…]

Norway reaffirms Lyoness illegal pyramid scheme decision

Any hope Lyoness changing its name to myWorld would reverse an earlier ban have been dashed, after the Norwegian Gaming Board reaffirmed Lyoness is an illegal pyramid scheme.

Lyoness to launch eCredits cryptocurrency

The latest MLM Ponzi scheme to attach itself to a cryptocurrency appears to be Lyoness. If a recent Latvian promotional video is to be believed, Lyoness are gearing up to launch “eCredits”.