Following a nation-wide ban and 3.2 million euro regulatory fine, Lyoness affiliate investors in Italy want their money back.

To that end Lyoness’ Italian victims have lawyered up to demand the return of their losses.

Lyoness operated in Italy through the shell company Lyoness Italia Srl.

According to a report from TG Verona, since 2017 Lyoness Italia Srl processed 53 million euro from around 1.3 million members – most of whom were affiliate investors.

Some members – but it is the tip of an iceberg – in Lyoness, the well-known “shopping community”, have relied on Studio 3A-Valore SpA, a company specialized at national level for damages and for the protection of citizens’ rights, for be assisted in what is looming as a real battle.

The people who turned to Studio 3A, mostly resident in Paduan, have joined the “Lyoness Loyalty Program”, which, as mentioned, allows you to purchase goods and services at the affiliated companies, taking advantage of discounts and other promotions behind whose call Lyoness has managed to recruit this very high number of consumers.

But the downside is that the company has asked them to pay a salary entry fee of 2,400 euros to start the “career” as Lyconet Premium Marketer, as it did with all the other 67 thousand who have chosen to become also “sellers “.

BehindMLM has been warning consumers about Lyoness’ baked in Ponzi investment scheme since 2012.

At this stage Lyoness’ Italian victims have, through Studio 3A, sent a demand requesting the return of their money.

Unfortunately due to the nature of a Ponzi scheme, it’s likely Lyoness paid a good percentage of invested funds to earlier investors.

Still, there should be a tidy sum of money attached to shopping units that are never going to go anywhere, so that money should be available.

More likely Lyoness will just ignore the demands, requiring victims to escalate the matter through legal action.