The Kripto Future Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

Affiliates are reporting withdrawals are disabled and nobody has seen CEO Jeffer Ribera in a month.

At time of publication Kripto Future’s website is still up. The company’s official YouTube and Facebook accounts were abandoned on Sep 7th and Oct 2nd respectively.

Kripto Future was built around Kripto Coin (KRPT), an ERC-20 shit token created on demand at little to no cost.

When BehindMLM reviewed Kripto Future in June, we concluded Kripto Coin would facilitate the company’s exit-scam.

Roughly a month ago, that’s exactly what happened.

As you can see, Kripto Future began their exit-scam on September 27th. By 13th October it was over.

Although HotBit still lists KRPT with a $790 value, daily volume of just over $30 suggests nobody is able to sell.

This is because there’s no buyers, as interest in KRPT outside of Kripto Future is non-existent.

In other words Kripto Coin affiliates are KRPT bagholders. Kripto Future’s predicted exit-scam played out according to plan.

Kripto Future’s September 27th exit-scam is just before their announced marketing event in the Dominican Republic.

Kripto Future’s Punta Cana event was supposed to kick off on October 7th.

On October 11th Kripto Future affiliates began reporting withdrawal problems.

Other affiliates claimed only top earners in Dubai had been paid:

One Kripto Future top earner is serial promoter of Ponzi schemes Faith Sloan.

Sloan travelled from Dubai to the Dominican Republic on or around October 2nd.

Sloan posted about her time in the Dominican Republic however there was no mention of Kripto Future’s event.

Since returning to Dubai, Sloan hasn’t mentioned Kripto Future again.

Kripto Future’s CEO Jeffer Ribera never existed outside of the company.

I suspect he was a Boris CEO who’s fled back to whatever country he was hired in.

Based on Alexa website traffic analysis, the majority of Kripto Future victims are believed to be in the US (19%), Mexico (14%) and Egypt (12%).

Boris CEO Ponzi schemes are typically the work of Russian and/or Ukrainian scammers.

Interestingly enough back in June Alexa pegged Russia as the largest source of traffic to Kripto Future’s website (26%).

It would seem Russians got in early, sat back while Kripto Future spread to other countries and quietly stole their money.

Regulatory action in the wake of Kripto Future’s collapse is unlikely, primarily owing to Dubai sheltering MLM scammers.

Scammers like Sloan have already moved onto their next Ponzi scheme.


Update 22nd March 2022 – The scammers behind Kripto Future have announced a Kripto Future V2 reboot.