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Richard J. Anzalone pleads guilty to Infinity2Global fraud

Two months out from his scheduled trial, Richard J. Anzalone has plead guilty to one Infinity2Global Ponzi fraud charge. Anzalone is the first of seven criminal defendants to take a guilty plea.

Infinity2Global trial delayed again to July 2022

Following a September 23rd hearing, the Infinity2Global criminal trial has been delayed to July 12th, 2022. Richard Maike, Angela Leonard, Doyce Barnes, Richard Anzalone, Faraday Hossienipour, Dennis Dvorin and Jason L. Syn were scheduled to face trial next month.

Infinity2Global trial delayed to March 2021 due to COVID-19

Richard Maike and his Infinity2Global co-defendants have won themselves some reprieve, following a decision to postpone their criminal trial to March 2021.

Infinity2Global criminal trial delayed till August (+ updates)

Last we touched base with the Infinity2Global criminal trial (June 2019), defendant Richard Maike wanted to delay proceedings till February 2020. The issue then was Maike was playing attorney musical chairs. Ultimately Maike got his wish and then some, with the court delaying the trial till May 11th, 2020. Now due to COVID-19, the Infinity2Global [Continue reading…]

Second superseding indictment filed in Infinity2Global case

A second superseding indictment has been filed against Richard Maike and the rest of the Infinity2Global defendant scammers. A first superseding indictment was filed back in July 2018. As with the first superseding indictment, there doesn’t appear to be much difference between the second superseding indictment and the original (filed June 2017).

Infinity2Global criminal trial delayed till at least Feb 17th, 2020

Owing to Richard Maike’s ongoing attorney retention issues, the Infinity2Global criminal trial has been delayed again. As per a June 19th order, the trial is to be rescheduled no earlier than February 17th, 2020.

Richard Maike wants to delay Infinity2Global criminal trial to Feb 2020

Following withdrawal of Richard Maike’s attorney back in April, he was given thirty days to find new counsel. Maike is a named defendant in the DOJ’s Infinity2Global criminal case, which is scheduled to go to trial on July 22nd. In a new motion filed on June 10th, Maike advises the court he’s found a new [Continue reading…]

Richard Maike’s attorney walks out 111 days before Infinity2Global trial

Following a series of delays, Richard Maike’s Infinity2Global criminal trial has been scheduled for July 22nd. Now that date is in jeopardy, following news Maike’s attorney has quit.

Infinity2Global criminal trial now scheduled for July 2019

Last we checked in the scheduled January 2019 Infinity2Global criminal trial had been postponed. As per a November 5th order, a new jury trial date has been scheduled for July 22nd, 2019.

Infinity2Global criminal trial delayed

Richard and Angela Maike, Doyce Barnes, Richard Anzalone, Faraday Hosseinipour, Dennis Dvorin and Jason Syn were scheduled to face trial on January 7th, 2019. Following ongoing discovery issues and attorney substitution, that court date has now been vacated.