Following being found guilty of every count on his Infinity2Global fraud indictment, Richard Maike requested he be released pending sentencing.

The court denied the request, ordering Maike remanded to custody.

On September 9th Maike filed a motion for reconsideration, asking the court to reverse its earlier decision.

As stated by the Court, the primary concern behind denying Maike’s release was his access to “millions of dollars in a foreign bank”.

Maike (right) addressed this in his reconsideration motion, stating;

The Court expressed concern, based on evidence introduced at trial, that at one time Mr. Maike and/or businesses he was associated with had access to foreign bank accounts.

Upon information and belief, all such foreign bank accounts have been closed and Mr. Maike has no access to foreign funds.

If the Government has any evidence to the contrary it can easily provide such evidence to the Court.

It would appear that the Court’s concern about current access to foreign funds through foreign bank accounts, while understandable, is speculative.

Maike also cited issues with a shoulder injury and care of relatives.

Mr. Maike has a torn rotator cuff and, as the Court is aware, had to postpone scheduled rotator cuff surgery to attend trial.

He is currently one of 17 prisoners housed in a cell in the medical unit at Daviess County Detention Center and is sleeping on a mat on the floor. He is currently without his prescribed pain medication.

Undersigned counsel fears that Mr. Maike’s rotator cuff injury could significantly worsen if he is not released for the required surgery.

Assuming that the Court orders a term of imprisonment, Mr. Maike will not have available the medical services of the Bureau of Prisons until sometime in 2023.

Mr. Maike cares financially for his mother, who has early stage dementia and is located in Kansas, and he has her Power of Attorney.

Maike’s release pending sentencing will allow him to arrange for a transfer of the Power of Attorney to another person who can manage her affairs.

Finally, ordering Mr. Maike’s release pending his December 12, 2022, sentencing will facilitate the continued emotional well-being of his special needs minor child who has an especially strong bond with Mr. Maike.

Since being released in 2017 following his initial arrest, Maike has complied with his release conditions – which included travel outside of the US on one instance.

If he was to be released, Maike has stipulated he’d agree to monitoring and any additional measures;

Defendant Richard G. Maike … asks the Court to reconsider its September 7, 2022, Order … and to allow Maike to be released pending sentencing, subject to his previous conditions of release plus electronic monitoring under terms acceptable to the Court and the U.S. Probation Office, and subject to any further conditions deemed appropriate by the Court.

At time of publication the court has yet to rule on Maike’s motion.

Maike is facing up to 120 years in prison. He is scheduled to be sentenced on December 12th.