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Interpol Dubai refuse to arrest Generation Zoe Ponzi lawyer

Generation Zoe’s legal advisor Hector Luis Yrimia is wanted by Argentinian authorities. Yrimia has an international arrest warrant out on him, issued through Interpol. On Tuesday April 12th, following additional seizures and raids on his properties in Argentina, Yrimia turned himself in to Interpol’s Dubai branch. Instead of arresting Yrimia and initiating extradition proceedings, Interpol [Continue reading…]

Generation Zoe’s Leonardo Cositorto extradited to Argentina

Following his arrest and announced extradition from the Dominican Republic last week, Generation Zoe Ponzi scammer Leonardo Cositorto has touched down in Argentina… …where he immediately developed a sudden onset of high blood pressure requiring hospitalization.

Leonardo Cositorto to be extradited to Argentina next week

Leonardo Cositorto is expected to be extradited from the Dominican Republic as early as next Monday. Cositorto is behind the Generation Zoe Ponzi scheme. He was arrested on an Interpol issued warrant earlier this week.

Leonardo Cositorto finally arrested… in Dominican Republic?

Generation Zoe Ponzi scammer Leonardo Cositorto has finally been arrested. Cositorto had been on the run in Colombia, openly flaunting an Interpol issued international arrest warrant. Despite publicizing his movements throughout Colombia, it wasn’t Colombian authorities who nabbed Corsitorto. He was picked up on April 4th in the Dominican Republic.

Zoe Broker securities fraud warning from Spain (Generation Zoe)

Zoe Broker has received a securities fraud warning from Spain. What’s interesting about the fraud notice is the Spanish regulator identifies the company as Generation Zoe.

Maximiliano Batista arrested, Leo Cositorto hiding behind religion

The Generation Zoe saga continues with Maximiliano Batista’s arrest in Argentina. With his political persecution excuses falling flat, founder Leonardo Corsitorto is now hiding behind religion.

Leonardo Cositorto claims “no scam”, more Gen Zoe arrests

This week we began documenting Leonardo Cositorto’s travels across Colombia. Speaking to Colombian radio station W Radio just over a week ago, Cositorto maintains he’s in Colombia legally. Cositorto is founder of the collapsed Generation Zoe Ponzi scheme. He purportedly has an Interpol red notice out on him from Argentina, making his free travel across [Continue reading…]

Leo Cositorto, wanted by Interpol, turns up at Colombian resort

After stumping for a Ponzi supporter hoping to enter the senate, Leonardo Cositorto has turned up at a Colombian luxury resort. Cositorto is currently wanted by Interpol on an international arrest warrant.

Leonardo Cositorto turns up at Colombian political rally

Generation Zoe founder Leonardo Cositorto has turned up at a Colombian political rally. Which is kinda strange, as Costitorto is purportedly wanted on an international arrest warrant issued through Interpol.

Generation Zoe executives arrested in Spain, offices raided

Police have arrested two Generation Zoe executives operating out of Spain. Daniel Paterna worked as President of Generation Zoe for Europe. His brother, Camilo, was General Manager of Generation Zoe’s Spanish office. A third unnamed Generation Zoe worked as the Ponzi scheme’s treasurer.