The FDA has issued a second consumer warning pertaining to undeclared ingredients in Govvi’s WOW! supplement.

Testing of an additional sample of WOW! revealed undeclared DMHA. The sample also contained DMAA, which the FDA issued a warning about last December.

As per the FDA’s second March 13th Govvi warning;

FDA reminds consumers not to purchase or use Govvi WOW!

FDA laboratory analysis confirmed an additional sample of Govvi WOW! contained undeclared DMHA, in addition to 1,4 DMAA.

DMHA is also known as “1,5-dimethylhexylamine,” “1,5-DMHA,” “2-amino-6-methylheptane,” “2-aminoisoheptane,” and “octodrine.”

The FDA advises that both DMHA and DMAA

can elevate blood pressure and could contribute to cardiovascular problems, including heart attack, shortness of breath and tightening of the chest.

If anyone taking Govvi’s WOW! supplement experiences the above, the FDA recommends they “consult a health care professional as soon as possible”.

The FDA notes WOW! is still being sold to consumers on Govvi’s website and “possibly in some retail stores”.

Govvi launched in 2022 and started off selling fuel tabs. Soon after the company, run by CEO Lance Conrad, branched out into supplements.

In response to the FDA’s original DMAA warning, in a January 5th press-release Govvi claimed

independent lab tests confirm that our GOVVI WOW! does not contain the hidden ingredient DMAA, contrary to recent FDA concerns.

Govvi claims the FDA obtained a sample of WOW! from eBay.

We encourage all customers to avoid purchasing GOVVI products from third-party websites such as eBay as we cannot confirm whether those products are authentic or have been adulterated.

The FDA didn’t state where they acquired WOW! from in either their first or second warnings.