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EmGoldex on Central Bank of Malaysia investment blacklist

The Central Bank of Malaysia are the primary financial regulator for the Malaysian economy. As Malaysia’s Central Bank, Bank Negara Malaysia promotes monetary stability and financial stability conducive to the sustainable growth of the Malaysian economy. Part of those duties sees the bank maintain a a list of companies and websites which are neither authorised [Continue reading…]

EmGoldex abandon Philippine affiliates

EmGoldex’s business model is pretty straight forward. You sign up, you invest €540 and once enough subsequent investments have been made, a €3500 ROI is paid out. Newly invested funds are used to pay off existing investors, with recruitment quotas required for a full €3500 ROI to be issued. Dare to accurately market the EmGoldex MLM business though, [Continue reading…]

Philippines SEC issues EmGoldex investment warning

With attempts to solicit US investors into the EmGoldex Ponzi scheme thwarted by regulators last year, the scheme’s affiliates (who are mostly based out of Europe) have begun to target Asian countries. Currently listed as the fourth largest source of visitors to the EmGoldex website is Malaysia (11.7%). Where Philippines sits on that list I’m not [Continue reading…]

Civil fraud charges filed against US EmGoldex investors

A review of EmGoldex earlier this year revealed it to be a seemingly European based Ponzi scheme. Investors bought in for 540 EUR and EMGoldex promised them a 3500 EUR once enough new investments had been made by subsequent investors. As is common with European based Ponzi schemes, gold was used to front the scheme. The [Continue reading…]

Massachusetts Sec Div investigating EmGoldex

One of the more prominent reload scams to rise to prominence after the TelexFree shutdown was EmGoldex. Shrouded in mystery, the company operates your typical European-based gold Ponzi/pyramid hybrid scam. Affiliate investors buy matrix positions for 540 EUR a pop, and once enough new positions have been purchased (by existing and recruited affiliates), a ROI commission is [Continue reading…]

EmGoldex Review: 540 EUR investment scheme

There is no information on the EmGoldex website indicating who owns or runs the business. On the EmGoldex wbesite there is an “about program” section, on which it’s claimed: The Emgoldex Trade Dmcc is registered in a certified free economic zone Dubai Multi Commodities Centre – DMCC. The Emgoldex Trade Dmcc company is registered and [Continue reading…]