Daisy AI’s smart-contract Ponzi scheme appears to be heading towards collapse.

This has prompted the launch of a new “Daisy token” investment scheme.

Following an early 10 cent token sale to top promoters and investors, Daisy Tokens are now being flogged to regular investors and the public for $1 to $1.50 a token.

Daisy AI is soliciting investment into Daisy tokens in USDT.

Once invested in, Daisy tokens are parked with the company. In exchange for not cashing out, Daisy token holders receive more tokens.

Daisy AI manipulates the internal sell price of the token depending on how many tokens are sold.

To prevent regular investors cashing out before admins and top investors (your Vitaliy Dubanins, Ankur Agarwals etc.), invested in Daisy tokens will be locked up.

  • 5% of invested in Daisy tokens will be unlocked over 90 days from investment
  • 10% of invested in Daisy tokens will be unlocked per month after the first 90 days

Seeing as this is an artificial restriction, it naturally doesn’t apply to Daisy AI admins, top promoters or investors.

On the MLM side of things, Daisy AI pays commissions on Daisy token investment the same as their initial Ponzi scheme.

The only notable difference is the 5% referral commission is increased to 10%.

Full details are available in our original Daisy AI review.

Daisy AI surfaced late last year. Initially a straight USDT investment scheme, after months of launch delays, Daisy AI eventually launched with TRON.

According to Alexa traffic analysis, the number of visitors to Daisy AI’s website has likely been in decline. For a Ponzi scheme, this is the road to collapse.

Cue Daisy token. The well worn “launch your own token” exit-scam has been deployed countless times by MLM crypto Ponzi schemes.

Eventually the scam stops paying out in whatever they launched the token to eventually replace. In Daisy AI this would be tron.

Then the token gets dumped on dodgy public exchanges. It pumps, admins and scammers cash out.

Then it dumps, leaving regular Daisy AI investors holding the bag.

I’m also seeing talk of a “Daisy AI DeFi platform”, so there might be additional Daisy shit token launches further down the track. That likely depends on how much USDT EndoTech is able to steal throughout Daisy token’s launch period.

Daisy AI initially launched as the brainchild of Anna Becker and Dmitry Gushchin/Gooschin. The pair are supposedly based out of Israel.

Since launch Jeremy Roma, a co-creator of the company, has taken over promotion. Today Roma is essentially the face of Daisy AI.

Roma, believed to be a US citizen and resident, has fled the country for Dubai. Dubai, with no regulation and limited extradition treaties, is the MLM scam capital of the world.

Roma has a long history of MLM related securities fraud, some of which we documented in our 2019 Apex review (see conclusion).