CryptoProgram has been ordered to cease trading in British Columbia, Canada.

The British Columbia Securities Commission issued the order after CryptoProgram was confirmed to be committing securities fraud.

BCSC issued a CryptoProgram securities fraud warning back in March. That appears to have been ignored, leading to a regulatory escalation.

As per the BCSC’s May 11th cease trade order; is an entity affiliated with Edward Anthony Zimbardi, a resident of the State of Georgia. is not a reporting issuer in British Columbia.

Since in or around February 2023, and/or Zimbardi have distributed securities to residents of British Columbia. and/or Zimbardi have not filed:

1. a preliminary prospectus and a prospectus for the Distribution as required by section 61 of the Act, or

2. a Report of Exempt Distribution as required by section 6.1 of National Instrument 45-106 Prospectus Exemptions (required filings).

BCSC’s order will stay in effect till CryptoProgram registers its securities offering or the order is revoked.

CryptoProgram is an MLM crypto Ponzi scheme pitching a perpetual 25% a month ROI.

Ed Zimbardi is the face of CryptoProgram. He’s believed to be working with unnamed accomplices in Dubai.

CryptoProgram website traffic has continued to decline over the past few months.

As tracked by SimilarWeb for April 2023, top sources of traffic to CryptoProgram’s website are the US (67%), UK (17%), Germany (4%), Australia (3%) and Canada (3%).

CryptoProgram recruitment outside of the US and Australia is in steady decline.


Update 9th July 2023 – CryptoProgram has rebranded as Amsys.