Crypto BitClub launched earlier this year on or around January.

The company was founded by Joe Yagudaev and Ramon Escalera, who last year launched the collapsed Crypto Bit Trade Ponzi scheme.

Crypto BitClub was basically a reload scam, touting a bitcoin mining and trading daily 1% ROI.

Like Crypto Bit Trade, no evidence of mining or trading was ever provided. Nor was Crypto BitClub registered to offer securities in any jurisdiction it operated in.

On the MLM side of things Crypto BitClub offered binary commissions of up to 30%.

Like most MLM cryptocurrency Ponzi schemes, Crypto BitClub stole a bunch of money from investors and then collapsed.

Now the company’s owners are begging for even more money.

Upon initially collapsing in April, Crypto BitClub attempted to exit-scam through the familiar ICO route.

Naturally Crypto BitClub’s “SEC registered” ICO didn’t happen.

In an email sent out to Crypto BitClub’s investors yesterday, the company is once again promising another “solution”.

We have put together another solution to get CBC back on track.

This will require participation from some of our CBC community members.

For those who wish to help will be the ones getting paid first.

“Participation” will cost Crypto BitClub investors 15 BTC, which at today’s rate is just over $100,000.

Investors will receive their money back after 90 days. After the first month they receive 2.5% weekly on their deposits (10% per month).

In total they receive a 20% return over 3 months. No binary is paid.

This crowdfunding will coexist with the existing program and is intended to help CBC as quickly as possible.

We work together with external, profitable and proven trading partners.

In our opinion, this is a plan that benefits everyone and enables us to pay you back as soon as possible.

Yeah, so I’m gonna be that guy and ask:

If Crypto BitClub couldn’t generate promised returns the first and second times around (because recruitment tanked and there was nobody left to steal from), why trust them a third time?

CBC maintains 100% management and control over the bitcoin accounts.

We work from our own account. So NO money is transferred to third parties.

We work together with external, profitable and proven trading partners.

There is nothing more that we want then to start paying our members again.

We have seen programs such as this come and go but we hope by now you see that our intentions are different.

If you don’t wish to participate we totally understand but we kindly ask you to keep the emails and comments in our FB group positive.

Sincerely Yours,
CBC Admins

So uh, lose money in Crypto BitClub once, maybe twice… and now hand over another $100,000 so serial scammers Joe Yagudaev and Ramon Escalera can make off with even more.


The member acknowledges that they are  fully aware that they will not be entitled to claim any full or partial reimbursement under any circumstances whatsoever.

The member may not claim any right of return against CryptoBitClub.

Sounds bulletproof guys, where do I sign up?