BloxTec is informing affiliates they need to pay a fee if they want to withdraw.

This is known as an “advanced fee” scam, where funds are held hostage unless additional fees are paid.

BloxTec is running their advance fee scam under the guise of “withdrawal authentication”.

As per correspondence seen by BehindMLM, BloxTec affiliates who put in a withdrawal request are being told;

 It is important that you understand how our system works; Without the final confirmation payment to your account, you will not be able to withdraw from your account .. even if you wait a year.

Your account is already activated, so now all you need to do is make the second verification deposit which will unlock the withdrawals on your account.

After you’ve made this payment, you can withdraw from your account seamlessly.

The email is signed off by Ervin Kougija, claiming to be from BloxTec’s Customer Experience Department.

As noted earlier this month, BloxTec is a non-MLM reboot of the collapsed Mirollex Ponzi scheme.

Mirollex is believed to have been run by eastern European scammers. Ditto BloxTec.

That BloxTec is pushing an advanced fee scam shouldn’t come as a surprise.