The Temporary Restraining Order previously granted in the BitConnect class-action Kentucky lawsuit, has been extended until February 27th.

The extension was granted after defendant Ryan Maasen requested a Telephonic Status Conference on February 5th.

The conference was held on February 7th, during which Maasen requested ‘additional time to make disclosures and prepare for the preliminary injunction hearing‘.

The Kentucky class-action names BitConnect and top promoter Ryan Maasen as defendants.

As per the granted TRO, BitConnect and Maasen are required to identify and disclose

  • all bitcoin and other cryptocurrency wallet addresses under their control and/or possession
  • all cryptocurrency trading account addresses and
  • the holder/owner of any wallet or cryptocurrency address to which BitConnect and/or Maasen have transferred any bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency to in the last 90 days

On February 1st a preliminary injunction was sought, which will now be decided upon on February 27th.

Maasen and BitConnect have been given until February 23rd to make the required disclosures.

As per the February 7th order, BitConnect has thus far failed to make an appearance in the case.