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SEC tracks down BitConnect’s Craig Grant in Jamaica

The SEC has tracked BitConnect defendant Craig Grant to a hideout in Jamaica. In an October 8th request for an amended summons, the SEC reveals Grant’s hideout address:

Glenn Arcaro’s BitConnect sentencing pushed to 2022

Glenn Arcaro’s BitConnect sentencing has been pushed to 2022.

BitConnect’s Glenn Arcaro out on $500,000 bond release

Following the entering of a guilty plea to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, Glenn Arcaro has been released on a $500,000 secured bond.

Glenn Arcaro pleads guilty to BitConnect criminal charges

Glenn Arcaro has plead guilty to BitConnect related criminal charges. BitConnect was a $2 billion dollar MLM crypto Ponzi scheme that collapsed in January 2017. Glenn Arcaro promoted BitConnect and served on the executive team as its US National Promoter.

BitConnect, Satish Kumbhani & Glenn Arcaro sued by SEC

The SEC has finally filed suit against BitConnect and executives Satish Kumbhani and Glenn Arcaro. The lawsuit follows a similar suit filed against BitConnect’s top US promoters in May.

BitConnect’s Craig Grant on the run from US authorities

The SEC filed suit against top BitConnect promoter Craig Grant back in May. Rather than defend himself, Grant fled the US for Jamaica.

Ryan Maasen claims SEC’s BitConnect case “ruining his life”

Ryan Maasen has told a Judge the SEC’s BitConnect case against him is “ruining his life”. I first saw the statement reported by Inner City Press, who covered an August 11th case hearing.

Maasen, Noble, Jeppesen & Mascola settle BitConnect fraud

On June 1st the SEC tabled three proposed judgments against BitConnect defendants Joshua Jeppesen, Ryan Maasen and Laura Mascola. A partial judgment was tabled for Michael Noble. Each of the proposed judgments were consented to by the defendants. On June 3rd the SEC was directed to make an additional filing, explaining why the judgments were [Continue reading…]

OneCoin featured in Netflix’s Money: Explained series

Episode one of Netflix’s new Money: Explained mini-series features OneCoin and BitConnect. Both are MLM Ponzi schemes that bilked investors out of billions of dollars.

US BitConnect promoters sued by SEC

Top US promoters of the BitConnect Ponzi scheme have been sued in a securities fraud lawsuit filed by the SEC. Defendants on the chopping block are Trevon Brown (aka Trevon James), Craig Grant, Joshua Jeppesen, Ryan Maasen, Michael Noble (aka “Michael Crypto”). Jeppesen’s fiancee, Laura Mascola, is the sole named relief defendant. As described by [Continue reading…]