As one of BitConnect’s top promoters, Ryan Maasen profited handsomely by investing in and convincing others to invest in the BitConnect Ponzi scheme.

As I understand it, Maasen boasted about paying off his house and buying a new car as a result of his BitConnect promotional efforts.

When BitConnect collapsed, Maasen was one of the first to set about systematically wipe all content he’d published about BitConnect on the internet.

He then proceeded to begin pitching DavorCoin, a BitConnect Ponzi clone, to his viewers.

That didn’t go down well and Maasen soon found himself at the center of a rage shitstorm.

Maasen’s victims are out for blood and as a result of his promotional efforts, Maasen is a named defendant in two proposed class-action lawsuits.

Whether Maasen’s swift deletion of BitConnect content is an admission of guilt is debatable. But it’s a bona fide fact that Maasen personally convinced a ton of people to invest in BitConnect.

Since his naming as a defendant, Maasen’s social media profiles and YouTube channel went dark.

That was the case up until a few hours ago, wherein Maasen uploaded a video titled “I am Ryan Maasen”.

In it Maasen attempts to defend his profiting off other’s misery by claiming he’s a “child of god”.

To be honest I’m not really sure what the point of Maasen’s video is. His attempt to portray himself as an “angry victim” and hiding behind his wife, kids and religion rings hollow, for the sole reason that Maasen made a ton of money in BitConnect.

Here’s the gist of Maasen’s unapologetic “sorry not sorry” apology;

[1:55] The world, the people in the world … have the ability to think what they want to about me.

But um… I can’t allow myself to get caught up in that.

I have sympathy for those that were hurt… but I have to remember who I really am. And that’s what I want to focus on here and that’s what I’m trying to stay focused on every day.

I’m a child of god.

What does being a “child of god” have to do with ripping people off through Ponzi fraud?

I have no idea.

Remembering Maasen is attempting to define himself within the context of the BitConnect Ponzi scheme, even his own rambling explanation makes little sense.

[2:46] It means that I’m not perfect.

It means that I’m loved by a god who is merciful and gracious and has patience and um, that’s what I have to remember.

Yeah sorry, again what does any of that have to do with tearing people’s financial lives apart through a Ponzi scheme?

After going on about being a “superhero” to his kids, Ryan continues to justify his profiting through Ponzi fraud.

[4:47] I’m a husband, to a beautiful loving, amazing wife… who knows my heart more than anybody else.

Who knows my intentions are good and were never deceptive or driven by greed. And I think that’s all that matters.

Probably not all that much to Maasen’s victims, to whom he offers up the following:

[5:21] I know a lot of people were hurt and a lot of people want to blame me and I can’t control that.

The only thing I can do is pray.

I can pray for those who hate me. I can pray for those who wanna persecute me. I can pray for those that were also hurt with all this.

And that’s what I’ll continue to do.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Make a ton of money convincing people to invest in a Ponzi scheme, watch it collapse and then pull out your bible.

“We’re good right?

What? You lost the shirt off your back following my advice? Sorry, I have to go play with my kids now. 

But don’t worry, me and God got your back. Highfive!”

The good news is Maasen’s BitConnect profit has been frozen via a Temporary Restraining Order issued in Kentucky. A second overlapping TRO is pending in Florida.

Better start praying for a good lawyer hey.