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Robert Craddock hit with $176,070 judgement in BTG180 case

Despite being completely dismantled and its owner heading to jail, litigation as a result of the Zeek Rewards fallout continues. Back in 2014 Bids That Give (BTG180), a Zeek Rewards Ponzi clone, sued Robert Craddock over a promotional contract dispute. In a nutshell, Craddock, through his company Fun Club USA, was hired to funnel Zeek Rewards [Continue reading…]

Robert Craddock savaged by judge in BTG180 case

Last we checked in on the long-running dispute between BTG180 and Robert Craddock, Judge Koppe had ordered BTG180 and defendant Theodore Zentner to file a joint status report by March 14th. Having not participated in proceedings for over a year, Robert Craddock was ordered to show cause as to why he shouldn’t be slapped with [Continue reading…]

Randy Jeffers outed as Oregon’s top tax delinquent

I’ve always maintained that there’s something unnerving about charity-based MLMs. The notion of a business opportunity and charity are polar opposites, with an intermingling of to the two more often than not a front for something else. What that something else is varies from individual to individual running the company. Nonetheless, it takes a certain [Continue reading…]

BTG180 vs. Craddock dismissal denied

Back in February, BTG180 filed a lawsuit against Robert Craddock and Fun Club USA. The case was brought about after Craddock failed to deliver on contractual promises made between the two parties, and issues arising from Craddock using the BTG180 affiliate database to further his personal gains. In July an amended complaint was filed by BTG180, [Continue reading…]

Robert Craddock’s sordid post Zeek Rewards conduct

In the aftermath of the Zeek Rewards Ponzi scheme, Robert Craddock (right) self-styled himself as a major player in hustling of disenfranchised investors into new reload schemes. Craddock did this through his entity Fun Club USA. Initially the operation was used as a front to solicit funds from Zeek investors under the guise said funds [Continue reading…]

Craddock abandons BTG180 legal action

Just twenty-four hours after announcing BTG180 had been “classified as a Ponzi scheme“, Robert Craddock is now abandoning his plans to launch legal action against the company. Craddock’s short but colourful campaign saw him urge BTG180 affiliates to contact a journalist and file scripted complaints with local authorities. BTG180 were quick to respond, threatening to file [Continue reading…]

Craddock: “BTG180 has been classified a Ponzi”

In what appears to be a direct response to BTG180’s claims of legal action being taken against him yesterday, Robert Craddock has escalated the war he is currently waging against the company. In a BTGLegal update email, Craddock is now claiming that BTG180 ‘has been classified as a Ponzi Scheme‘.

BTG180 to hit Robert Craddock with legal action

The BTGLegal website (“”) was anonymously registered on the 11th of December 2013. In addition to providing visitors with an uncredited “definition of a Ponzi scheme”, the site paints a pretty bleak picture of the BTG180 MLM business opportunity. If you have landed here due to broken promises, missed commission and the overall feeling of [Continue reading…]

Bids That Give Review: Charity and penny auctions?

There are so many terrible things that happen to children all over the world. Right now a little boy is dying of hunger, a little girl just got sold by her mother and is being forced into life as a sex slave. Right now children are being physically abused and then there’s so many children [Continue reading…]