The BTGLegal website (“”) was anonymously registered on the 11th of December 2013.

In addition to providing visitors with an uncredited “definition of a Ponzi scheme”, the site paints a pretty bleak picture of the BTG180 MLM business opportunity.


If you have landed here due to broken promises, missed commission and the overall feeling of being taken, well you are not alone.

Most people join a program with high expectations and assume the company and management will act in a professional and honest manor, but when that does not happen, the normal tactic for the company, owner or both is to attack the very people that went to work sometimes 18 hours a day to help build the company.

All they ask is to receive the commissions they were promised and to not have a never changing set of conditions in which they can withdraw their monies earned.

As we move forward we will post the complaint, information we have learned and all documents associated with the ongoing action.

If the need arises we will work with law enforcement, state and federal regulators in any investigation they decide to conduct into the actions of person(s) associated with the BTG, BTG180, Liberty Freedom Network, Freedom Lifestyle and others connected with Mr. Jeffers

We appreciate your help and support as we move forward to correct the concerns now facing most of the people that were once and currently associated with the Bids that Gives program and BTG180.

Broken promises, missed commission payouts and the feeling of being taken? If the above is to be believed than things are sounding pretty dire over at BTG180.

For those not familiar with BTG180 (formerly Bids That Give), the company runs on the familiar MLM revenue-sharing penny auction business model.

BTG180 Affiliates invest in bids and via a point system, the company uses this money to pay out affiliate investors who have previously invested in bids.

Once affiliates stop investing new money into the scheme, the company runs out of money and can’t pay out affiliates.

In addition to the gloomy picture painted above, the BTGLegal website also urges BTG180 affiliates to ‘tell (their) story and post (their) experience in dealing with the BTG regime‘ on the BBB and Ripoff Report website.


Affiliates are also told to contact ‘ABC investigative reporter Matt Gutman‘.

If you would send him your story and how you were encouraged by Randy to purchase the business in a box package.

Go in detail how you were told it would pay you a daily income and, help kids at the same time. I would suspect this is a national story they would want to do.

The site also promises a weekly update every Monday at 8pm EST,

to let everyone know how we are doing and things we have learned.

We will have different people on explaining how they were misled by this company

Phone: 559-726-1300

Pin: 457659

Despite the first person prose used on the BTGLegal website, no information is provided as to who is behind the campaign.

Publishing an official response to what they label as “disparaging tactics” however, BTG180 out the creator of BTGLegal as none other than Robert Craddock.

That Robert Craddock?


In a communication sent out to their affiliates, BTG180 write


Dear BTG Affiliates,

You may have received an email from a former consultant by the name of Robert Craddock.

BTG 180 hired Robert Craddock to perform a number of duties that he did not perform, as well as some other things that he did, that were only in his best interest, that created issues amongst a few of our affiliates. He also violated his fiduciary responsibility.

For this reason, we have separated ourselves from Mr Craddock. Mr Craddock has apparently decided that instead of doing what he was hired to do, after collecting money from BTG180, he wants to not only not perform as he said he would, but use some tactics that he has previously used with other companies to collect money and behave in a disparaging way.

We are in the process of taking all appropriate legal action to stop Mr Craddock from creating any further harm to any of you, your BTG180 business and BTG180 itself.

If you have received any correspondence from Mr Craddock or anyone else regarding this matter, please forward it to us as (email address removed).

BTG180’s entire focus is to fulfill our mission to become the largest supporter of underprivileged children in the world and provide a successful and sustainable business opportunity to millions of people around the world.


Janet Contero Esquire

robert-craddockExactly what BTG180 hired Craddock to do is unclear. Back in mid-October Craddock (right), through his now defunct ZTeamBiz website, vowed to bring back the Zeek Rewards Ponzi excitement by ‘featur(ing) some unique opportunities‘ on the site.

In late October Craddock narrowed down the opportunities to one,

The company I’m real excited about is one the owner has a 30 year plus history in this industry, has a huge personal wealth prior to starting this company, employed quality teams in legal, web design, operations and customer service that is top notch.

Referring to the above company having a “new compensation plan”, it is unlikely that Craddock was referring to BTG180. He did however single out one existing company, which would appear to fit the BTG180 profile published on his BTGLegal website:

There is one company that popped up that on the surface sounds like a great idea, captured everyone attention with the catchy videos, materials, and compensation plan.

This company duped many including myself and the ones left are like the kids still thinking Santa is going to come down the chimney on Christmas night.

Well if we just looked close enough we would have seen the owners have criminal records, a history of defrauding good people, a published corporate office that if you pull it up on Google earth it is nothing more than a private mail box store, and last and this is a big one, no one outside of a handful of people have even been to their office which measures close to 16 X 25 about 400 SQ. FT.

Now that would not be that big of a red flag as this is a startup and everyone on has to start somewhere, but the biggest flag is the number of people that have requested a refund and after months of stalling tactics the people are still waiting.

Ultimately Craddock’s plans to announce this new opportunity were thwarted though, with Craddock abruptly shutting down his ZTeamBiz website and redirecting visitors to the Zeek Rewards Receivership.

What the story there is we’re not entirely sure, but it seems that the Receiver wasn’t happy about Craddock offering to “help” ex-Zeek Rewards affiliates through use of the Zeek affiliate database. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out Craddock’s offer of help was likely to be a ruse to pitch those who contacted him his new revenue-sharing opportunity.

What baffles me is BTG180’s mention of Craddock’s past ‘tactics he has previously used with other companies to collect money‘, indicating that they’ve obviously done their homework on him.

Yet they still went ahead and hired him as a consultant? And now they want to complain about it? Come on guys.

The past “tactics” BTG180 are referring to was Craddock running around promising to launch legal action against the SEC for shutting the Zeek Rewards Ponzi scheme down.

Under the guise of legal representation, Craddock convinced many Zeek Rewards affiliates to part with thousands of dollars. Ultimately though Craddock left everyone high and dry, offering up a legal template letter which affiliates had to pay hundreds of dollars to make use of (on top of what they’d already given Craddock).

Only Craddock’s twelve buddies, rumoured to be the top 12 Zeek Rewards affiliates by income (the “Craddock 12”), benefited from Craddock’s ZTeamBiz campaign.

The BTGLegal website doesn’t ask for any money, however with mention of a proposed “civil action” against BTG180, it appears Craddock is indeed putting up a repeat performance.

Underscoring this is Craddock’s assertion that BTG180 is a Ponzi scheme, by inclusion of the definition of a Ponzi scheme front and centre on the BTGLegal website.

This produces hilarious irony twofold. The first is that if BTG180 is a Ponzi scheme (and by all accounts having modelled itself on Zeek Rewards BTG180 is functioning as one), Craddock is admitting his participation in and association with yet another revenue-sharing Ponzi scheme.

The second is that Craddock, at least verbally and via his online campaigns, fought tooth and nail to plant the seed that the SEC and government were involved in some kind of conspiracy in the Zeek Rewards case.

This vitriol was being published as late as just a few weeks ago, with Craddock going to great lengths to erroneously make the case that Zeek Rewards wasn’t a Ponzi scheme.

This of course made Craddock’s sudden “please visit the Zeek Rewards Receiver website” announcement and cease of operations at ZTeamBiz all the more puzzling.

And now what, Craddock is going to use BTG180 being a Ponzi scheme to serve his own purposes?

One can only wonder that had Craddock been issued a refund or commissions (not sure if he is/was a BTG180 affiliate), what his stance on the BTG180 business model might be.

“Totally and absolutely not a Ponzi, until I can’t get my invested money back… Hey want to invest in my new revenue-sharing opportunity? It’s totally not a Ponzi scheme either”, would be my guess.

Stay tuned…