Despite being completely dismantled and its owner heading to jail, litigation as a result of the Zeek Rewards fallout continues.

Back in 2014 Bids That Give (BTG180), a Zeek Rewards Ponzi clone, sued Robert Craddock over a promotional contract dispute.

In a nutshell, Craddock, through his company Fun Club USA, was hired to funnel Zeek Rewards victims into Bids That Give.

Bids That Give paid Craddock $50,000 in advance, he failed to deliver.

Instead, (he) attempted to induce BTG180 to promote and incorporate into its product line a so-called checking account draft processing system known as BTM.

Craddock is the founder of a corporation known as BTM Check Draft Inc. which he and Sylvia Craddock operate and which provides the BTM service.

Craddock (right) basically went rogue and began pitching his own products and services to Bids That Give affiliates.

As the agreement between Craddock and Bids That Give deteriorated, Craddock set up a website that claimed Bids That Give had been classified as a Ponzi scheme.

Craddock has mostly failed to respond to Bids That Give’s lawsuit. Default judgement was recommended against him back in March.

One of the reasons Craddock might not have defended Bids That Give’s lawsuit is he’s had legal problems of his own.

In June 2015 Craddock plead guilty to wire fraud. In October the same year he was sentenced to six months in prison.

Since then however he’s had plenty of time to address BTG180’s lawsuit but failed to do so.

On December 9th Judge Maham finally granted default judgement against Craddock and his wife Sylvia.

The judgement granted an injunction against Craddock, prohibiting him from infringing on BTG180’s trademarked name.

All up, damages awarded to BTG180 include:

  • $10,000 for cyber-squatting
  • $20,000 for trademark infringement
  • $10,000 for wrongful use of a computer
  • $30,000 for misappropriation of trade secrets
  • $30,000 for wrongful interference with economic relations
  • $50,000 for breach of contract and
  • $30,000 for defamation

$6070.50 in prejudgment interest was also awarded, bringing the total damages awarded to $176,070.50.

Craddock meanwhile hasn’t been seen or heard from in public since his release from prison.

Earlier this year Randy Jeffers, owner of Bids That Give, was outed as Oregon’s top tax delinquent. As of February 2016, Jeffers owed the state around $4 million in unpaid taxes.