bidsthatgive-logoLast we checked in on the long-running dispute between BTG180 and Robert Craddock, Judge Koppe had ordered BTG180 and defendant Theodore Zentner to file a joint status report by March 14th.

Having not participated in proceedings for over a year, Robert Craddock was ordered to show cause as to why he shouldn’t be slapped with default judgement by the same date.

Not surprisingly, March 14th came and went and Craddock failed to comply. To say Judge Koppe was none to pleased is an understatement.

In an order savaging Craddock, Judge Koppe declared Craddock’s conduct an

abusive litigation practice that has interfered with the Court’s ability to hear this case, delayed litigation, disrupted the Court’s timely management of its docket, wasted judicial resources, and threatened the integrity of the Court’s Orders and the orderly administration of justice.


Left with no choice, Judge Koppe went on to recommend that default judgement be entered against Craddock, his wife Silvia Craddock and his company Fun Club USA.

The order is dated March 28th, with Craddock given fourteen days to object in writing. As at the time of publication, no filed objection has been recorded. The deadline is April 14th.

Craddock was sentenced to six months prison back in October of last year. By my calculation, he is due for release sometime this month.

Whether or not Judge Koppe is aware of Craddock’s sentencing is unclear.

BTG180 and Zentner meanwhile have been ordered to file by June 1st either

  1. a Motion to Dismiss with respect to Zentner
  2. a Status Report pertaining to ongoing settlement discussions or
  3. a joint proposed schedule for moving the case forward to resolution

Stay tuned…