Just twenty-four hours after announcing BTG180 had been “classified as a Ponzi scheme“, Robert Craddock is now abandoning his plans to launch legal action against the company.

Craddock’s short but colourful campaign saw him urge BTG180 affiliates to contact a journalist and file scripted complaints with local authorities.

BTG180 were quick to respond, threatening to file their own legal action against Craddock. BTG accused Craddock of failing to perform the duties the company paid him for and using “disparaging tactics”.

robert-craddockYesterday Craddock (right) responded by escalating the standoff. In a communication Craddock referred to as a “formal cease and desist”, he claimed “reports” had been filed with the North Carolina AG, that a 30-60 day investigation had begun.

Between yesterday and today it then surfaced that Craddock was asking his followers for a $25 “legal fees donation”.

Only registrations that include valid payment information, allowing us to pay the legal fees will be included. If you do not intend on providing that information please do not continue.

Within hours of this being made public, Craddock then pulled the BTGLegal site down and issued the following statement:


Due to the lack of participation of the people wanting to proceed forward with a motion against BTG180 and Bids that Gives. We will be returning all funds received and not proceeding forward.

We will be pulling down the site as there is no reason to continue at this point.

If anyone wishes to continue we would recommend contacting your State Attorney General office and requesting their assistance.

Please forward to your team members.

And with that, so ends the latest chapter of Craddock’s crazy MLM adventures.

How many people Craddock did manage to convince to send him $25, whether or not anything was actually filed with the North Carolina AG and whether or not BTGLegal’s closure was indeed the result of low interest and not because of legal action taken by BTG180, all remain unclear.

I suppose those who did send Craddock $25 this time around are thankful he’s at least offering them refunds. Those who sent their money to ZTeamBiz were not so fortunate.