There is no information on the AdvertOnly website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The AdvertOnly website domain (“”) was registered on the 15th of May 2013 and lists an “Oladimeji Bello” as the domain owner, supposedly operating out of Spain.

The email address Bello used to register the domain, “”, has popped up previously on the domain registrations of at least two dubious opportunities prior.

Back in May 2012 Kasey Chang linked the justmatrixx email address to both ExpresWealth and Huge Yield. Both schemes used the same backend script, with Huge Yield taking payments from members in exchange for a position in a series of matrices, and paying out a commission once enough new affiliates had been recruited (BehindMLM Huge Yield review here).

Having been launched in early 2012, HugeYield appears to have begun paying out affiliates 50% of commissions earnt by May 2012 before collapsing shortly thereafter.

It’s worth noting that Huge Yield claimed on their website that the admin of the program was a “Larry Lawrence”, yet the domain registration simply credited ownership to an “elliot” (as did ExpresWealth).

Given the use of the same email address for the registration of AdvertOnly, it’s a safe bet that none of these people actually exist.

Read on for a full review of the AdvertOnly MLM business opportunity.

The AdvertOnly Product Line

AdvertOnly don’t have any retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market membership to the company itself.

Affiliates are able to buy into the company at three levels ($25, $75 and $150 a month), with how much money an affiliate spends each month determining how much commissions an affiliate received on the recruitment of new affiliates.

Bundled with AdvertOnly affiliate membership is access to a series of online marketing tools and the ability to display advertising on the AdvertOnly website.

The AdvertOnly Compensation Plan

AdvertOnly charge affiliates a monthly subscription fee and pay out affiliates based on how many new affiliates have been recruited, with revenue sourced from monthly affiliate fees.

Within the AdvertOnly compensation plan, there are four affiliate levels:

  • Free – no cost
  • Mini – $25 a month
  • Midi – $75 a month
  • Maxi – $150 a month

All AdvertOnly affiliates earn $2.50 for recruiting a Mini affiliate, $7.50 for recruiting a Midi affiliate and $15 for recruiting a Maxi affiliate.

Residual monthly commissions appear to be paid out using either a matrix or unilevel style compensation structure, however the company fails to mention which is used on their website.

Regardless of which is used however, an affiliate is paid down 20 levels of filled positions, with positions being filled by newly recruited affiliates. These affiliates can be recruited directly or placed via the recruiting efforts of an affiliates up and downlines.

Free affiliates earn no monthly residual commissions.

Mini affiliates ($25 a month) earn 60c per Mini affiliate, $2 per Midi affiliate and $4 per Maxi affiliate in their downline (up to 20 levels).

Midi affiliates ($75 a month) earn 70c per Mini affiliate, $2.50 per Midi affiliate and $5 per Maxi affiliate in their downline (up to 20 levels).

Maxi affiliates ($150 a month) earn 80c per Mini affiliate, $3 per Midi affiliate and $5.50 per Maxi affiliate in their downline (up to 20 levels).

Note that all AdvertOnly affiliates must recruit at least two new affiliates in order to qualify for residual monthly commissions.

Joining AdvertOnly

Affiliate membership to AdvertOnly is available in four options:

  • Free – no cost
  • Mini – $25 a month
  • Midi – $75 a month
  • Maxi – $150 a month


With no retailable products or services and AdvertOnly’s website openly declaring affiliates “do not have to sell anything” or “deal with customers” and that payment of  ‘monthly subscriptions allow you to participate in residual referral program and receive referral commissions‘, quite obviously AdvertOnly fits the definition of a recruitment driven pyramid scheme.

Affiliates join the company at either the $25, $75 or $150 a month level, with how much they put into the scheme dictating how much money they get per affiliate recruited into their downline.

Once the recruitment stops, those at the bottom of the affiliate stop paying their monthly membership fees meaning those above them stop earning their commissions. They then stop paying their monthly fees and so on and so forth until the entire scheme collapses.

Those considering joining AdvertOnly would do well to note that the website appears to be the latest in a long line of scams run by person(s) seemingly operating out of Europe.

I’ve already covered the links to Huge Yield and ExpresWealth in the introduction of this article, but further analysis of the AdvertOnly website reveals yet another link to a dubious looking income opportunity:


As above, the AdvertOnly website declares that it is “brought to you by AdsProfitReward”.

Affiliates marketing AdsProfitReward claim that AdsProfitReward is owned by the “Spanish company OLAMULTIMART SL”.

AdsProfitReward launched in late 2012 and is essentially a Zeek Rewards Ponzi clone. Affiliates invest in VIP points and the company shuffles money from new investors to existing investors over a 90 day period.

On June 10th AdsProfitReward advised affiliates that it was changing it’s business name to “AdsProfitWiz” along with a new domain name, “”. At the time, AdsProfitReward stated they were changing their name in ‘an effort to improve security and brand recognition‘.

In order to facilitate the changeover, AdsProfitReward pulled down their site from June 11th to the 14th. Returning on the 14th, AdsProfitReward then advised

Starting Monday June 17th, we will open registration for our new service site,

Over the next few days affiliates began to complain of withdrawal delays, the inability to sign up penny auction customers and the non-functioning of AdsProfitRewards’ penny auction site altogether.

Finally on June 30th the AdsProfitRewards admin pulled the plug on the site, warning affiliates to


With the AdsProfitWiz failing to return online, a “Mariam Bello” (who appears to be an admin with the company) informed affiliates on July 5th that the website would remain offline until August 15th.

Looking at the bigger picture, we already know the Ponzi Points revenue-sharing business model is not sustainable, so after six months after launching AdsProfitReward it appears the owner(s) were having money-flow problems.

Pulling the old “OMG DDOS, WE GOT HACKED!” routine, they then pulled down the site   for a while to figure what to do. That appears to be when the plan to launch a new business to fund their existing business appears to have been hatched.

So now we have AdvertOnly accepting money from affiliates, with AdsProfitWiz/AdsProfitRewards down until August 15th.

What’s the bet AdvertOnly goes down around August the 15th and then AdsProfitWiz goes down a short time later when they run out of affiliate money to shuffle around again.

You know how this is going to end folks…