huge-yield-logoAlthough I’m sure somebody else must have done it before, as far as companies I’ve reviewed go, Huge Yield is the first company I’ve seen that use a reverse matrix but pay out as members advance in levels.

Too bad everything else about Huge Yield has been done before and worse, is pretty much just cover for a stock standard recruitment scheme.

Read on for a full review of the Huge Yield MLM opportunity.

The Company

Huge Yield contains no information on their website about who is running or owns the business.

The domain was registered on December 28th, 2011 however the registration information is set to private.

A look at the source code reveals the following code:

Template Coded by:

Template For: Adv. Cycler

The Exclusive Online Private Service Network (XOPSN) are a hosting and template package who provide a variety of business templates with website hosting.

It would appear that whoever is running Huge Yield has simply purchased XOPSN’s ‘Adv Cycler’ template ($40-$120 USD) and bundled it with their monthly hosting.

Interestingly enough, a bit of snooping around the Huge Yield website revealed that for some reason the Cash Flames company logo is hosted on the server.

Cash Flames was a recruitment scam I reviewed back in December 2011 that appears to now be offline (because it no-doubt failed).

Further poking around revealed that the admin/owner of Huge Yield (and presumably Cash Flames before it) is a one Mr. Larry Lawrence.

You can verify this yourself by visiting the Huge Yield admin page, entering in admin/admin and clicking MyPages –> Members Pages –> the ‘edit’ icon for ‘Admin Contact Information’.

One would think the admin of an opportunity that claims to have paid out over $45,000 in commissions would use a more robust admin login but I digress.

Apart from Cash Flames, I wasn’t able to find any information on Larry Lawrence’s network marketing history.

The Huge Yield Product Line

At the time of publication there is no mention of products anywhere on the Huge Yield website.

Scattered around the various pages that make up the website however is what appears to be an inhouse advertising network. One would assume that after paying a membership fee to join Huge Yield advertising credits would be made available to members to use around the site.

There does not appear to be any retail product offering attached to the Huge Yield income opportunity.

The Huge Yield Compensation Plan

The Huge Yield compensation plan revolves around two 2×3 matrices and one optional 2×3 feeder matrix.

Both of these matrices contain seven membership positions and are operated in reverse meaning that you join them from the bottom and progress your way up two levels before cycling out.

Joining the bottom level of the first HY1 matrix, upon the bottom level (4 member positions) filling, the person at the top of the matrix cycles out it splits and two new matrices are created.

You move up a level  (ordered by the time you personally recruited your first new member into Huge Yield since the matrix started) and the process repeats itself. The idea is that eventually you’ll be on level 3 of the matrix and when it fills you’ll cycle out and earn a commission.

The HY1 Matrix pays nothing but cycling out of this matrix is the only way to enter the HY2 Matrix. Upon cycling out, members are automatically re-entered back into the bottom of a HY1 matrix too.

The HY2 matrix pays $120 when a member leaves the bottom level for level 2 and $240 again when advancing from level 2 to 3. When a member cycles out the top of a HY2 matrix they are paid out a $640 cycle commission.

The total payout for HY2 is $1000.

Joining Huge Yield

Huge Yield costs a one time payment of $120.

There is also a $60 membership option but members who opt for this must go through an additional 2×1 feeder matrix before they are able to enter the HY1 matrix as per the Huge Yield compensation plan above.


Income Club (ID: 968), Posted on 20 Jan 2012 15:54: Is it required for us to recruit anyone in order to earn?

Admin, Posted on 21 Jan 2012 05:15: Yes just bring in two person and that is all.

As you can see per the compensation plan there’s no retail sales here and 100% of the commissions paid out to members are made up of membership fees and dependent on the constant recruitment of new members.

Since Cash Flames it appears Larry Lawrence has decided to try his hand at a slightly different matrix based model but fundamentally the requirement on recruitment remains the same.

Ultimately like Cash Flames, I predict Huge Yield will just wind up being another short lived recruitment scam.