Now that we have our Forum up, it is up to all of you to create the communication you want to have there.

Help each other with questions please, and if there are comments you don’t like don’t answer them, it isn’t necessary for anyone to be bothered by our members opinions.

The Forum is a place for everyone to have their say.

-Kristi Johnson, Achieve Community owner (December 15th, 2014)

Despite the above assurance from Kristi Johnson, it seems there are some things the company doesn’t want to address.

These likely include questions such as “where is my money?” and “can I get a refund?”

In response to “everyone having their say” in the Achieve Community forum, Troy Barnes announced earlier today that ‘we have put a stop to comments in the forum for now‘.

The move comes after mounting pressure for Achieve to connect their investors to their money.

Seeking to remedy the situation, it appears Achieve Community has now signed on a processor called AeroPay.

Companies around the world have learned the hard way that dissatisfied affiliates can mean instant damage on affiliate blogs or worse, in the press.

One of the most common topics for complaint is payment: lack of payment, incorrect payment, untimely payment.

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Achieve investors are a ways off from withdrawing the 800% ROIs the company promised them though, with updates from the admins claiming their investors were “overloading” the system shortly after it went live.

In response to questions from affiliates regarding AeroPay, a relatively unknown player in the MLM payment processor field, Kristi Johnson advised:

DO NOT send questions to us until those instructions have arrived and DO NOT send support tickets to either Achieve or the Wallet account support until the instructions have been posted here. Your questions will NOT be answered.

We don’t have time for that OK? Please, just go along with this system for now.

Concerns from Achieve Community investors are understandable, considering the last time the company asked affiliates to sign up for one reports of credit card fraud shortly followed.

And speaking of fraud, not even twenty-four hours after informing affiliates to sign up with AeroPay through their Achieve back office, the issue of fraud is again in the spotlight.

Although this time it’s purportedly coming from Achieve’s investors rather than the company itself.

Some of our members who are NOT so nice – of which there are only a few. Have been sharing our sign up link and putting in false information.

Therefore the Processing Company have stopped sign ups for now so that we can ensure there is nothing in our system to stop you from getting paid.

Achieve investors who dare question the status quo meanwhile are being threatened with account termination.

Channel the very essence of a cult-leader, Troy Barnes writes

When we see for a fact that a member is causing trouble we will just take them out of Achieve.

This is a HAPPY place and we will just let the bad people go away. They don’t deserve our oxygen that’s for sure.

Whether or not Barnes refunds the money of investor’s accounts he terminates or just keeps the money for himself is unclear.

As to AeroPay, details are sketchy. But if you’re wondering what kind of payment processor takes on the risk of an MLM company advertising 800% ROIs who is also currently under US regulatory investigation, the answer is one that appears to be wracked with debt and desperate to collect transaction fees.

Registered in the UK, records from the end of 2012 show the AeroPay had assets of £60,157 with £93,064 owed in liabilities. The net worth of the company is as such quoted at £-32,907 (negative).

2013 wasn’t much better, with another report filed by the company listing end of year assets as £99,024 with £110,155 owed in liabilities.

The margin of loss is admittedly smaller but it seems AeroPay is having trouble keeping it’s debt under control. Somewhat worrying for a company that was incorporated back in 2005.

In Aero Pay’s financial reports, Rosanne Phyllis Day is listed as the company’s Director. Day is cited as residing in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

How someone residing in Canada came to be the Director of a relatively unknown payment processor purportedly operating out of the UK is a mystery.

Why Achieve Community, who are based in the US, don’t simply sign up with the multitude of legitimate US-based payment processors available is unclear.

The constant assurances of Achieve Community not being a Ponzi scheme by its owners certainly begs the question.

Also unclear is where AeroPay’s banking channels are, along with where Achieve Community themselves are currently keeping investor funds.

Unfortunately the only people able to hold the company accountable and demand such information, Achieve Community’s investors, are being threatened with a disconnect from the company and their invested funds if they dare ask.

Such is life in the Ponzi scheme arena.