achieve-community-logoTypically when a Ponzi scheme hits regulatory problems the admins usually shut it down and disappear.

Every once in a while though an admin comes along and believes they’ve truly re-invented the wheel.

Achieve Community owner Kristi Johnson is one of those admins.

With the stress of coming up with new excuses each week to keep her investors happy likely taking its toll, Johnson’s latest update is riddled with a barrage of Ponzi rhetoric.

Achieve Community solicited investments of $50 on the promise of an 800% ROI. New affiliate money flowed in and was used to pay off existing investors, with the scheme chugging along until Payoneer severed ties with the company.

Left without a payment processor, what has since followed is months of carrot dangling the restart of the scheme. As of yet nothing has eventuated, with the status and whereabouts of already invested funds remaining unknown.

In her latest attempt to appease frustrated Achieve investors, Johnson yesterday sent out a weekend update.

Hello Achieve Community!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.

This is my message for you this weekend –

I am not your enemy. The design of the Achieve program is not the problem.

Like all Ponzi schemes, once new affiliate investment dries up the scheme collapses. At that point those who invested early (Johnson and her friends) make off with the lion’s share of withdrawn funds, leaving anyone who invested after them holding the bag.

Despite the mathematical certainty of all Ponzi schemes collapsing, the business model is “not the problem” Johnson asserts. Rather, it’s “the system”.

The enemy, the problem, is the financial structure of our industry, and our global economy. This has been around for decades.

It says that only 3% of people can make money, 97% can not. Only a few can do well. And they can only do well by hurting everyone else. And it must be that way! Nothing else works!

What specific structure Johnson is referring to is unclear. What it sounds like to me though is that she’s simply taken the old “97% of people lose money in MLM” made up statistic and applied it to the entire financial industry and global economy.

Nonsense to anyone with half a functioning brain for sure, but one must remember the intended audience of Johnson’s update.

They’ve invested hundreds and in some cases thousands, with the acceptance that Johnson and her friends have already withdrawn invested funds bringing with it the acceptance of financial loss.

For some of these people, the fiction of Johnson’s make-believe world is just easier to swallow…

The Achieve Community came along and said – we don’t believe that! It does not have to be that way.

Getting agreement is difficult, we are fighting all those decades of thinking in terms of scarcity and inequality. We are fighting industrialized fear of success. We are fighting institutional mind sets that haven’t changed if lifetimes!

What people are saying against us is just their indoctrination in the system.

The difficulties we have with financial institutions is just their indoctrination in the system.

And we are changing minds, and creating something that will change that structure. And we have much more support today than we did when we started.

What any of the above has to do with soliciting $50 investments and promising a $400 ROI beats me. Ponzi smoke and mirrors at its best.

There is no need for us to fight that mind set, no need to even respond to it. All we need to do is keep showing them a different way to see things. Over and over and over. And we are doing that.

My wish for all of you is that you find peace in this change, that you find hope for yourselves, that you can relax into a new way of seeing the future and just enjoy the ride.

I believe in you.

To your success, Kristi

Absent from Johnson’s cringeworthy update is an explanation as to how Achieve Community can continue to promise an 800% ROI indefinitely.

Instead, despite having withdrawn most of the invested funds in Achieve, Johnson would have investors believe she “is not the enemy”.

Perhaps enemy isn’t the right word, but if I was an Achieve investor I know financial institutions, “the system” and the global economy have nothing to do with Ponzi schemes being illegal the world over – for good reason.

To say Johnson is a thief would be entirely more accurate. After all, that’s precisely what Ponzi admins and their early investor buddies do – they steal funds from later investors.

Meanwhile in another announcement that’s surfaced sometime in the last twenty-four hours, Johnson suggests she’s managed to dupe an unnamed processor into offering Achieve a temporarily solution:

I received the preliminary approval for our temporary payout processor last night. Very exciting. They are telling me three weeks to process us, I’m pushing for quicker!

This will be more expensive, and it gets you paid. They offer Visa or MasterCard and they have an unlimited option for those making more than $10,000.00!

They are International and the cards can be used anyplace there are ATM’s. I’m going to recommend that only members who purchased through September sign up initially.

This of course isn’t the first time a payment processor solution has been announced, with Johnson previously prematurely announcing the procurement of Global Cash Card’s services.

After conducting their due diligence into Achieve’s Ponzi business model, GCC later advised they would not be taking Achieve on as a client.

Three weeks gives Johnson some breathing room for now, with further announcements expected around the end of the month.

Stay tuned as the Achieve Community Ponzi continues to not pay out its investors…