Articles under ‘regulation’:

Argyll Technologies Ponzi under criminal investigation in Taiwan

Following non-payment to investors, Taiwan’s Ministry of Justice have opened a criminal investigation into Argyll Technologies.

Santiago De La Rosa settles with SEC and TelexFree Trustee

Following denial of his motion to dismiss, Santiago De La Rosa entered settlement negotiations with the SEC and TelexFree Trustee. Those negotiations lead to a proposed settlement, which was approved by the court on July 31st.

iMarketsLive “scammers” warning issued by FCA

As I write this Alexa cite the UK as the fourth largest source of traffic to the iMarketsLive website (5.8%). This seems to have caught the attention of the Financial Conduct Authority, who back in May issued an iMarketsLive warning.

SEC investigation into BitConnect confirmed

Top BitConnect investor Craig Grant uploaded a YouTube video a few hours ago, in which he confirms an SEC investigation into the company is underway.

Infinity2Global defendants hit with superseding indictment

The DOJ has filed a superseding indictment against all seven Infinity2Global defendants on July 11th. A superseding indictment replaces an existing indictment and is filed either due to legal defect or grand jury irregularity.

Digital Altitude’s attorneys are out, no victim funds for legal fees

Several interesting developments in the FTC’s case against Digital Altitude have arisen over the past few weeks. On July 26th Judge Kronstadt issued several orders regarding the developments, which we’ll dive into below.

Daniel Filho declared incompetent to stand trial, charges to be dismissed

State state of Daniel Filho’s mental health has been dragging on for some time. Last we checked in was just under a year ago, wherein a motion requesting the appointment of a Receivership was denied. At issue was Filho not being convicted of a crime, which is technically true. Despite being indicted in 2015, Filho’s [Continue reading…]

Genesis Mining dismissed from South Carolina cease and desist

Cloud mining company Genesis Mining found itself the recipient of a securities fraud cease and desist, as part of South Carolina’s crackdown on Swiss Gold Global. Despite indicating they wouldn’t be challenging the notice, information was nonetheless submitted to the South Carolina Securities Division. Based on this information, Genesis Mining’s cease and desist has been [Continue reading…]

OneCoin received money laundering tip off from government official

Insight into how OneCoin seemingly manage to keep one step ahead of authorities has surfaced, courtesy of a District Court judgment in Germany. The case involved a government tax official facing allegations he tipped off a friend about a money laundering investigation.

179,000 EUR linked to OneCoin tax fraud seized in Finland

A District Court in the Ostrobothnia region of Finland has approved the seizure of €179,000 EUR. The order was made against a Finnish OneCoin affiliate, who is a suspect in a criminal case related to tax fraud.