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FTC vs. Chandler, Gatto, Pinkston & Dluca trial set for Sep 2019

It’s been about a month since we last checked in on the FTC’s lawsuit againstĀ Scott Chandler, Louis Gatto, Eric Pinkston and Thomas Dluca. Probably the most significant update we have for you is the scheduling of a two-week criminal trial on September 16th, 2019. In the meantime, mediation between the FTC and criminal defendants was [Continue reading…]

AWS Mining’s World Digital Mining Summit Photoshop fail

It’s not that a Ponzi adminĀ couldn’t attend a cryptocurrency event, which makes AWS Mining’s hilarious World Digital Mining Summit Photoshop fail all the more amusing.

Magellan International confirms securities fraud by pulling out of US

In recent communication sent out to its investors, Magellan International Alliances has announced it is pulling out of the US. The announcement also serves as confirmation Magellan are engaged in securities fraud.

Trevon James gagged by SEC on BitConnect subpoena appearance

Since his September 14th appearance before the SEC, Trevon James has been awfully quiet on social media. In his first YouTube video since the appearance, James has confirmed the SEC has gagged him from talking publicly about what was discussed.

Mark S. Scott’s $2.5 million OneCoin money laundering bond details

Mark S. Scott, the US-based lawyer who allegedly assisted OneCoin with laundering $400 million in stolen funds, has had his $2.5 million bond signed off on and paid.

Michael Force & Mary Dee cut off from Digital Altitude victim funds

Following some to and fro, the FTC’s request that Michael Force and Mary Dee be cut off from victim funds has been approved.

$169 million awarded in Zeek Rewards net-winner judgments

In the recently filed Status Report for the Second Quarter of 2018, the Zeek Receiver has revealed $169 million has been awarded in net-winner judgments.

Myanmar bans MLM outright, affiliates face prison time

Myanmar, a nation in south-east Asia, has banned multilevel marketing completely.

Mary Dee files expenses opposition, FTC responds to both objections

Mary Dee has filed an opposition to the FTC’s request to modify the Digital Altitude preliminary injunction. The FTC has requested the court cut off Force and Dee from victim-funds, which under the current injunction sees them collecting a monthly living expense.

Is WorldVentures operating illegally in Brazil?

WorldVentures response to Rwanda declaring the company was an illegal pyramid scheme was certainly strange. Rather than prove it wasn’t a pyramid scheme, WorldVentures brushed off the ban by claiming it didn’t do business in Rwanda. This caught the attention of several Brazilian WorldVentures affiliates. Because despite Brazil not appearing on WorldVentures list of authorized [Continue reading…]