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MOBE’s “entire business model is a fraud”, FTC’s TRO granted

The FTC’s request for a Temporary Restraining Order against MOBE is supported by over 4557 pages of evidence. This includes: declarations from multiple MOBE victims (168 complaints were filed with the FTC) citations from MOBE’s 2016 case against Digital Altitude evidence collected from transcripts of communications between undercover FTC agents and MOBE staff evidence collected via [Continue reading…]

FTC claim MOBE a $125 million “fraudulent business education” scam

After the FTC busted Digital Altitude earlier this year, inevitably people began asking “What about MOBE?” So similar are MOBE’s and Digital Altitude’s “high-ticket marketing education” business models, that MOBE actually sued Digital Altitude in 2016. Having won an injunction against Digital Altitude and the scam all but shut down, now the FTC have filed [Continue reading…]

MOBE admins confirm FTC investigation, beg for legal defense funding

Following our announcement yesterday, BehindMLM can now confirm an FTC investigation into MOBE. That investigation is directly responsible for the MOBE website being offline and suspension of business operations.

MOBE shut down by the FTC?

This morning I received intel that two days ago top earners, Michael Williams and Michael Giannulis, informed their MOBE downline they were leaving the company. The cited reason for Williams’ and Giannulis’ departure was an FTC investigation into MOBE. Currently every MOBE corporate website is down. Here’s what we know.

MOBE staff arrested in Malaysia for immigration violations?

The MOBE website identifies a corporate address for Mobe LTD in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. According to recent footage released by Malaysia’s Immigration Department, officers raided a property in connection to MOBE and made immigration related arrests.

Top affiliate claims MOBE stole $60,000 from him

By all accounts, 2015 was a great year for Bazi Hassan in MOBE. In May Hassan shared his success story in a promotional video for MOBE, celebrating his qualification for a free luxury car. I’ve been in this industry for about four years now, and I’m going to be completely honest with you guys. For [Continue reading…]

MOBE Review: $30,000 marketing education?

MOBE, which stands for “My Online Business Empire, was founded in 2011 by Matt Lloyd (full name Matt Lloyd McPhee). Based out of Australia, Llloyd claims to have launched MOBE ‘after spending several years with very little success with internet marketing‘. My goal was to create a system that offered a person everything they needed to [Continue reading…]