RewShare Review: $10 “ad pack” Ponzi investment scheme

rewshare-logoThere is no information on the RewShare website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Rewshare domain was registered on the 5th of January 2015, however the domain registration is set to private.

Although the RewShare admin doesn’t disclose their identity, they are interacting with potential affiliates on social media.

In various messages over the last few weeks, the RewShare admin writes

This is my first site of this kind. And i`m planning to keep the site online for as long as posible (sic). Actualy (sic) i don`t want to close it and i have no intention in doing that.

i started with shared hosting just to save some money. And i did good, because i chosed (sic) a noobie designer and also a student one. So he worked at the site only in his free time.

it is really against Paypal rules the 3 level referral sistem? (sic) To be honest, i didn`t know that.

Anyway, i`m not planning to keep PayPal. Just for the start. After that i will pull it out.

As always, if a MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money. [Continue reading…]

Togetherness Review: Benefie points investment scheme

togetherness-logoTogetherness went into prelaunch in early 2014 and provide a corporate address in Seychelles on their website.

Further research reveals this address to belong to Abacus Seychelles, an offshore business registration provider.

Abacus Seychelles don’t provide the cost of registering a company name through them on their website, but do state that incorporation takes only “1-2 business days”.

As such, Togetherness would appear to exist in Seychelles in name only, with where the company is actually being run out of not provided on the company’s website.

Nicklas-Liberg-ceo-togethernessCredited as CEO of Togetherness is Nicklas Liberg (right).

Other than disclosing Liberg’s name, the Togetherness website fails to provide any further information. Instead, the company’s “about us” page is used to provide a marketing spiel about the company.

Liberg appears to be based out of Sweden, which is likely where Togetherness is actually being run out of (and probably explains the clunky name).

Back in 2005 a Nicklas Liberg in Gothenburg, Sweden, lamented his loss of $11,600 USD in a local pyramid scheme.

The scheme appears to have revolved around DVD rentals, scamming 180 Swedes out of $582,000 USD.

Affiliates pumped thousands of Krona into the scheme each month, on the promise of advertising ROIs.

Likely due to language-barriers, I was unable to piece together anything further (at least not concrete) on Liberg’s MLM past.

I will mention though that he seems to have been involved in something called “FX Club” back in 2006. There’s a few social media discussions among people who seem to think that was a pyramid scheme too.

Nothing more recent than that unfortunately.

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AdRevenuePro Review: $5-$10,000 ad-based Ponzi scheme

adrevenuepro-logoThere is no information on the AdRevenuePro website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The AdRevenuePro website domain (“”) was registered on the 27th of January 2015, however the domain registration is set to private.

There seems to be a lot of AdRevenuePro affiliate promotional material available in Russian, as well as Russian appearing on the AdRevenuePro website itself:


This suggests that those running AdRevenuePro are likely based out of Russia.

As always, if a MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money. [Continue reading…]

vStream TV Review: Legit media streaming for $349?

vstream-tv-logoThere is no information on the vStream TV website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The vStream TV website domain (“”) was registered on the 27th of January 2015 and lists a David Bremner as the owner. An address in the US state of Virginia is also provided.

bob-bremner-ceo-founder-the-legends-networkBased on the Nutronix domain email address used to register the vStream TV domain, David Bremner would appear to be a relative of Bob Bremner (right).

Bob Bremner is the Founder of both Nutronix and The Legends Network.

Why this information isn’t provided on the vStreamTV website is a mystery.

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What happened to Internet Lifestyle Network?

internet-lifestyle-network-logoMid 2014 saw BehindMLM review the Internet Lifestyle Network.

Co-founded by Mark Hoverson and Vince Ortega Jr., the Internet Lifestyle Network acted as a feeder to build Mark Hoverson’s Global Resorts Network downline.

With no retail offering to speak of, Internet Lifestyle Network pretty much relied on a constant new stream of affiliates to keep commissions rolling.

Late 2014 however saw things sharply decline:


Today, whilst researching something else entirely, I found myself at the Internet Lifestyle website.

As I often do when this happens, I took a few moments to poke around and see where the company was at.

That’s when I realized something was up… [Continue reading…]

Tellus Mall Review: E-commerce & matrix recruitment

tellus-mall-logoTellus Mall went into prelaunch in early 2015. No corporate address is provided on the company’s website, however the Tellus Mall website domain was registered with an address in New Brunswick, Canada.

A promo on the Tellus Mall website advises visitors that the company “partners with Spinding and Social Zing”:


Spinding went into prelaunch in early 2014 and initially saw affiliates invest between $30 to $1890 on the expectation of an advertised $10 to $320 daily ROI.

Not surprisingly, the launch of Spinding in March was delayed due to compliance issues.

The scheme did eventually launch, however the matrix cycler queues stalled shortly after launch. This prompted the addition of a matrix to Spinding’s compensation plan.

The app Spinding was supposed to be based on was still MIA as of July 2014.

SocialZing on the other hand launched in mid 2014 and pay affiliates $100 per new recruit.

Both SocialZing and Spinding operated in the marketing MLM niche, with both in one way or another relying on affiliate recruitment to sustain themselves.

Regarding their partnership with Tellus Mall, unfortunately the explicit nature of the partnership is not clarified on the Tellus Mall website.

A “meet the Tellus team” page features on the Tellus Mall website, with Anthony Leiva cited as a co-owner of the company.

No other co-owners are mentioned on the Tellus Mall website, leaving a question mark over the involvement of Paul Nash and Scott Brodkorb (owner of Spinding and CEO of SocialZing respectively).

Anthony Leiva and Julie Curley (owner of the Tellus Mall website and listed as the “Principal” of the company), appear to have been working together for some time.

anthony-leiva-coowner-tellus-mallMarketing a company he was involved in at the time, in 2008 Leiva (right) wrote

Hello All,

I am a very Lucky person. My mentor and good friend is Julie Curley.

I have a background in VOIP technologies. Julie showed me this new company she runs as the Director of Operations and Support that I currently work for, Biz Calling Cards.

I am one of the top producers and have a big sales organization.

The pair again teamed up to run something called Ads2TXT in 2010. In September of 2011 Leiva joined Stiforp, a matrix-based opportunity that paid affiliates to recruit.

A few months later in November of 2011, Leiva went on to join and invest in Zeek Rewards.


Zeek Rewards was an $850 million Ponzi scheme shut down by the SEC in 2012. Whether or not Julie Curley joined him in the opportunity is unclear.

Post Zeek Leiva got involved in The Legends Network, which once again paid him to recruit new affiliates.

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NetworkAddsM2M Review: $19.95-$100 three-tier cash gifting

networkaddsm2m-logoThere is no information on the NetworkAddsM2M website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The NetworkAddsM2M website domain (“”) was registered on the 6th of January and lists a “Johnny Spears” as the owner.

Why Spears’ name does not appear on the NetworkAddsM2M website is unclear.

johnny-spears-networkaddsm2m-adminBack in 2011 Spears (right) was a Yoli (health and wellness) affiliate. At some point Spears then left Yoli to join Limitless Worldwide (anti-aging, personal care, fitness and nutrition).

At the time of publication, banner ads linking to Spears’ Limitless Worldwide affiliate webpage were appearing on the NetworkAddsM2M website.

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iMarketing FastTrack Review: All aboard the cash gifting train?

imarketing-fasttrack-logoiMarketing FastTrack launched in February of 2015 and is headed up by Carl Bailey.

On the iMarketing FastTrack website, Bailey is credited as the Founder of the company and, as per the company’s domain registration, is believed to be operating out of the US state of Missouri.

carl-bailey-imarketing-fasttrackBack in 2013 Bailey (right) launched Instant Splash, which saw affiliates pay $9.95 a month to qualify to receive commissions when they recruited others who did the same.

In 2012 Bailey launched Banners and Bucks, which saw affiliates pay $29.95 to qualify for a $15 commission when they recruited new affiliates who did the same.

Both company’s appear to have stalled, which has likely prompted the launch of iMarketing FastTrack.

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CashAdStream Review: Turn $1.50 into $2.5 million?

cashadstream-logoThere is no information on the CashAdStream website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The CashAdStream website domain (“”) was registered on the 29th of January 2015, however the domain registration is set to private.

A YouTube video appears on the CashAdStream website, uploaded on February 11th on an account named “Adam Sikorsky”.

The account was created itself on February 9th, appearing to exist solely to promote CashAdStream.

I was unable to find any further information on this individual, leaving a question mark as to whether Adam Sikorsky, within the context of owning CashAdStream, actually exists.

As always, if a MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money. [Continue reading…]

BringTheBaconHome Review: No pork, all Ponzi

bringthebaconhome-logoThere is no information on the BringTheBaconHome website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The BringTheBaconHome website domain (“”) was registered on the 31st of December 2014, however the domain registration is set to private.

An official BringTheBaconHome Facebook group is linked to from the company website. Unfortunately the group is closed, however the following ten people are listed as group admins:

  • Andreas Loh
  • Mark Ducker
  • Kim Baese
  • Jonathan Bracy
  • Mike Lucas
  • Michael Haggie
  • Bruque Roberts
  • Cat Johnson
  • Martin Zhao Germer and
  • Sherilyn Chong

sherilyn-chong-bringthebaconhome-adminFurther research reveals BringTheBaconHome affiliates naming Sherilyn Chong as company’s owner.

Emails sent out to affiliates seem to support this, with most of them singed off on by “Sherilyn”.

As per her Facebook profile, Chong is based out of Singapore. Whether or not she is working alone as the admin of BringTheBaconHome is unclear.

What is clear is that Chong has previously been involved in at least one Ponzi scam. A Facebook posting on her profile from October 2014 can be seen promoting a short-lived debit card attached to Achieve Community.


Achieve Community was a $3.8 million dollar Ponzi scheme recently shut down by the SEC.

There’s an odd gap in Chong’s Facebook timeline between the 22nd of January and the 19th of February. Whether or not Chong has recently deleted posts (some of which might have been advertising Achieve or similar schemes), is unclear.

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