Traffic Authority Review: Internet Leverage System rebooted

traffic-authority-logoAs per a marketing video on the Traffic Authority website, the “brain trust” behind the company are Chad Stalvey (full name John C. Stalvey), Greg Chambers, and Doug Wellens.


Stalvey, Chambers and Wellens run Traffic authority through Streamlined Marketing Systems, which is based out of the US state of Florida.

Streamlined Marketing Systems first popped up on BehindMLM’s radar as the company behind Infinite Leverage System.

Infinite Leverage System launched in late 2014 and saw affiliates and customers pay over $4000 for traffic packages.

Retail was possible but unlikely, with Infinite Leverage System affiliates also paid to recruit new affiliates.

Despite being launched as a fully fledged MLM business opportunity, Infinite Leverage System is now being referred to as a “beta launch” that took place last year.

A marketing video on the Traffic Authority claims the beta was a “total success”, begging the question then of what happened to it?

Today the Infinite Leverage System MLM opportunity website redirects to that of Traffic Authority.

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Vemma served with FTC complaint about autoships

vemma-logoAlthough not formally reviewed on BehindMLM, it’s no secret that much of the criticism directed at Vemma stems from their affiliate recruitment business model.

Without going into specifics, the gist of it is you sign up as a Vemma affiliate with a monthly autoship and then recruit others who do the same.

Retail sales in this model are virtually non-existent, with affiliates instead getting paid with funds sourced from their recruited downlines (via autoship).

This has now attracted the attention of the FTC, who according to Troy Dooly served Vemma a formal complaint on Monday. [Continue reading…]

One Time Infinity Review: $10-$30 three-tier matrix Ponzi cycler

one-time-infinity-logoThe One Time Infinity website does have an “about us” section, but at the time of publication it was “404 not found”.

As such there is no information on the One Time Infinity website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The One Time Infinity website domain (“”) was registered on the 16th of August 2015, however the domain registration is set to private.

Further research reveals that last Friday, an individual named “Robert McAtamney” was advertising One Time Infinity using an admin referral link:


On the 18th of August, McAtamney published the following on his Facebook account:

Rob Mcatmney, 18 August

Keep your powder dry I have A new site Pre Launch Coming.

That prelaunch is One Time Infinity which, by virtue of him controlling the admin account, McAtamney is the owner of.

According to his LinkedIn profile, McAtamney lives in Queensland, Australia and has been a chef since 1979.

Head Chef In Number Of Clubs And Pubs Did 2000 Olympics Feeding Canada, Jamaica, Bahamas and Australian Teams.

Also featured on McAtamney’s LinkedIn profile is a marketing spiel for Cash Money Bucket, a three-tier matrix Ponzi cycler.

McAtamney is/was also and affiliate of Residual Income In a Box (cash gifting), EzWealthBuilder (matrix recruitment) and Cash Bot Club (straight-line Ponzi scheme).

With the launch of One Time Infinity, now McAtamney appears to be getting into the admin side of the MLM underbelly.

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uFun Club (Unascos) arrests climb to over 70 in August

unascos-logoAt the end of last month total uFun Club arrests in Thailand stood at 44, with that number climbing to over 70 this month.

There’s still a week to go, but as it stands the total number of uFun Club arrests in Thailand is seventy three. [Continue reading…]

AutoMoneProfit Review: Paul Rice turns $12 into $16,270?

automonepro-logoA marketing spiel on the AutoMoneProfit website is signed off on by Paul Rice.

This matches the 12th of August 2015 AutoMoneProfit domain registration, which also lists Rice as the owner. An address in Devon, England is also provided.

paul-ricePaul Rice (right) first popped up on BehindMLM’s radar back in 2012 as the owner Wealth Cash Maker and Infinity Money Line.

Both recruitment scams launched within weeks of eachother, Wealth Cash Maker and Infinity Money Line collapsed shortly after launch.

2012 in general was a busy year for Rice, with no less than six dubious schemes launched in the first quarter.

Recent opportunities Rice has been involved in as an affiliate include All In One Profits (cash gifting), CashAdStream (matrix recruitment), CashBotClub (Ponzi cycler), The Viral Franchise (cash gifting) and x100K (matrix recruitment).

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Yunooh Review: Matrix cycler ad directory

yunooh-logoThere is no information on the Yunooh website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Yunooh website domain (“”) was first registered on the 25th of September 2013, with a “Remmar Pidong” listed as the owner. An address in Quezon, Philippines is also provided.

Remmar-Pidong-ceo-founder-yunoohOn his LinkedIn profile, Pidong (right) lists himself as being the CEO and Founder of Yunooh since 2013.

He also lists a website called Kalzada, which advertises a “500 peso reward” if an affiliate recruits five people. Pidong also cites himself as a “Team Manager”, having worked at East West Banking Corporation since August 2014.

Possibly due to language-barriers, I was unable to find any further involvement by Pidong in the MLM industry.

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Manhatan Traffic Review: $5 to $50 “ad panel” Ponzi positions

manhatan-traffic-logoIn a section of the Manhatan Traffic website titled “Company Brief History From Our Director”, Ravi Rach is identified as one of “directors” of Manhatan Traffic.

The company does not name the other directors, instead choosing to providing a vague marketing spiel.

Almost all the members in the team of Manhattan (sic) Traffic has faced challenges on our way up in some online programs.

In 2015 we formed a team comprising professionals in different skills that will help in bringing the solution we all look for, that is how Manhatan Traffic was born.

The team are professionals in Graphic Design, Programming, Internet Marketing, Business Management, Database Management, Internet Security etc.

Rach meanwhile is the sole admin listed on the official Manhatan Traffic Facebook page.

ravi-rach-director-manhatan-trafficOn the Manhatan Traffic website, Rach (right) is credited with being ‘one of the developers of the most successful long term program that has graced the Internet.

The “program” however is not named and is only referred to as an “advertising exchange program”. I myself was I unable to find any further information on it.

As to where Rach is running Manhatan Traffic from, the Manhatan Traffic website domain is set to private but affiliate emails are signed off on with an address in London, UK.

Rach himself also lists London, UK as his location in his Facebook profile. Whether or not this explains why he misspelt “Manhattan” in naming Manhatan Traffic is unclear.

Based on our aim of providing affordable, long lasting advertising to the internet community we called the name Manhatan Traffic.

Manhattan is a city in the US that experience high traffic jam for human and cars at rush hour.

We are set to MOVE traffic to your website in a swift with our huge member base from all over the world.

At the time of publication, Manhatan Traffic appears to be primarily marketed in Russia. Alexa currently estimate that both Russia and the Ukraine make up 38.9% and 13.9% of all traffic to the Manhatan Traffic website domain respectively.

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Success200 Review: $40 matrix spots & anti-disease capsules

success200-logoAs per registration documents uploaded to the Success200 website, the President of the company is identified as Kenneth Badiola (also goes by Ken Gomez Badiola).

Badiola’s name however does not appear anywhere on the Success200 website however, which is somewhat strange.

Success200’s registration documents point to an address in Quezon City, Philippines. This matches the address provided on the Success200 Facebook page, as well as the company website’s Alexa stats.

At the time of publication, Alexa estimate that 90.7% of all traffic to the Success200 website originates out of the Philippines.

Additionally a vision statement published on the Success200 website specifically targets the “Filipino family”:

Our Vision is to see the Filipino family intact: to empower the Filipino with an alternative source of income, without having to leave their families behind.

Our vision is to let families earn more than enough without having to spend more time labouring instead of enjoying their time together.

ken-Kenneth-Gomez-Badiola-president-success200Prior to launching Success200 a few months ago, Badiola (right) was an affiliate with OKS Global (a collapsed recruitment scheme launched in 2013) and NBO Global (2×1 matrix-based recruitment scheme launched in 2014, also collapsed).

It appears the aim of the launch of Success200 is to continue where both schemes left off.

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BitClub Network say affiliate stole over $5K, offer reward

bitclub-network-logoWhat would you do if you were running an MLM opportunity and discovered one of your affiliates had made off with over five thousand dollars?

If you’re BitClub Network, you set up a page on your website publicly shaming them and offer a “potential bounty” for any help given. [Continue reading…]

Funny Biz Review: Church and chain-recruitment?

funny-biz-logoThere is no information on the Funny Biz website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Funny Biz website domain (“”) was registered on the 6th of March 2015, however the domain registration is set to private.

In the footer of the Funny Biz website is an address in the US state of Arizona. Further research reveals this address to belong to the New Life Worship Center Church of God, the Founding Pastor of which is James Alderdice.

James-Alderdice-founder-ceo-funny-bizOn his LinkedIn profile, Alderdice (right) lists himself as the Founder and CEO of Funny Biz.

At the time of publication testimonials from Sharri and Westin Alderdice appear on the Funny Biz website, suggesting James Alderdice’s relatives are also likely involved.

On his LinkedIn profile, Alderdice claims to have first gotten involved with “various business ventures” in 1975.

Why none of this information is provided on the Funny Biz website itself however is a mystery.

Update 22nd August 2015 – One possible reason: In 1985 Alderdice was sentenced to 10 years jail for defrauding 13,000 investors to the tune of $75 million dollars (see comments #1 and #2 below this article for more information). /end update

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