Phyto Science Review: Stem cells & recruitment

phyto-science-logoPhyto Science was founded in 2012 and are based out of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

In just a short span of 18 months after its inception, PhytoScience’s monthly sales have surged to RM40 million, making it one of the TOP MLM companies in Malaysia.

Lai-Teck-Peng-ceo-founder-phyto-scienceCredited as Founder and CEO of Phyto Science on its website is Lai Teck Peng (right).

Dato’ Sri Lai brings in more than 26 years of significant network marketing experience and track record as a successful network marketing entrepreneur as well as extensive leadership and operational management skills in global consumer-oriented businesses.

Possibly due to language barriers, I was unable to find anything further on Lai’s MLM history. Phyto Science themselves provide no additional information on their website.

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Zeek Receiver to make second payment to victims

zeekrewardsFrom time to time BehindMLM gets enquiries as to the status of victim claims, as well as payments issued by the Receive to Zeek Rewards victims.

Obviously the Receivership themselves are too, with the Receiver publishing a June 18th update to clear up some of the confusion. [Continue reading…]

Kristine Johnson pleads guilty to wire fraud conspiracy

achieve-community-logoFollowing the pleading the fifth in the SEC’s civil case against Achieve Community a few weeks ago, news today that Kristine Johnson, one of the co-founders of Achieve Community, has plead guilty to wire fraud conspiracy. [Continue reading…]

Vizionary Review: Norwegian scammer tries cryptocurrency?

vizionary-logoVizionary operate in the cryptocurrency MLM niche and name Frode Berg as Founder on their website.

As per Berg’s Vizionary corporate bio;

Frode Berg is a highly respected sales and team building professional with over 20 years of experience and a history of success.

During this time he has been a Master Distributor and has built reputation for integrity. Frode is known for being highly innovative and methodical and has also been a Marketing Consultant to various companies.

frode-berg-vizionary-founderFurther research reveals Berg (right) to have been a major player in the Norwegian pyramid scheme, World Games Inc.

World Games Inc. collapsed in 2004, with over 220,000 affiliates losing “large sums of money”.

In 2008 Berg was again tied to a scam, this time a poker-based scheme called T6 Poker.

YOU get bonus EVERY MONTH even if you do not have a single player in your business and the ENTIRE your downline has stopped working. This is ALL networkers DREAM !!! When people realize this will take COMPLETELY off ….

When contacted by Norwegian media regarding his involvement in T6 Poker, Berg told them “T6poker is far from any pyramid scheme.”

By the end of the year T6 Poker had collapsed, again resulting in the vast majority of investors losing money.

How much Frode Berg made in both WGI and T6 Poker is unclear.

In 2012 Berg resurfaced as an affiliate in Ausante.

As per an interview in the January 2012 Ausante affiliate newsletter (page 6);

Ausante has just been an outstanding company. It has delivered way above my expectations.

I don’t find it hard to introduce people to Ausante, The hardest signup was my brother Thomas, he was fighting
against MLM for 7 years basically hating the way I do business.

But right now he is flying with Ausante. I predict that he will be making a huge success with Ausante.

I am proud to be a member, I love the mission and I love the business opportunity and I can truly say
for the first time I have found what I have been looking for so long.

A home… There is no Plan B….This is IT.

In 2013 former management alleged Ausante was a “worldwide fraud”.

When Berg left Ausante is unclear, but over the last few years he appears to have been concentrating on building an e-cigarette business (non-MLM).

Now it appears Berg is getting back into MLM, hoping to carve himself a slice of the cryptocurrency MLM niche pie.

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Britain looking to thwart uFun Club IPO offering

ufunclub-logoDetails on this one are currently sketchy, but it appears authorities in Britain are looking to preemptively put a stop to a planned uFun Club IPO. [Continue reading…]

NuViza Review: Minor pay to play qualification concerns

nuviza-logoAccording to the NuViza website,

January 1, 2011 marks the first day in business for NuViza. The organization is a total of seven people, from all backgrounds focused on one common mission: to change the world. NuViza launches with three products, the EMZ, Burn, and the DTX.

Curiously, the NuViza website domain however was only registered on the 16th of September 2014.

The company’s official Facebook page was also only created in October 2014.

Identified as Founder and Chairman of NuViza on its website is Ahmad Evaji.

Ahmad-Evaji-founder-chairman-nuvizaEvaji (right) has a Facebook profile, in which a “ZV International” is advertised (2013). This seems to be the precursor to NuViza as it’s known today, with the former ZV International website domain (“”) now defunct.

Further research reveals ZV International was also known as ZoiVi.

Now I’m not suggesting anything overtly disingenuous is going on, but I do think this can be better reflected in NuViza’s corporate history. NuViza as it’s presented today on its website certainly wasn’t around in 2011.

As for Ahmad Evaji, he was previously an affiliate with YOR Health (Founders Council in 2008) and Usana (joined April 2009).

Two years later ZoiVi was launched, and then relaunched as NuViza in late 2014.

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Concord Consulting Limited Review: $20,000 script Ponzi

concord-consulting-limited-logoThere is no information on the Concord Consulting Limited website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Concord Consulting Limited website domain (“”) was registered on the 16th of May 2015, however the domain registration is set to private.

Further research reveals Concord Consulting affiliates identifying an “MG Faroque” as the owner of the company;

The owner of the company is MG Faroque. I have known him for quite some time, and have actually had conversations with him via Facebook and phone. He is as honest as it gets.

Faroque is currently advertising Concord Limited Consulting on his Facebook page, with it looking to be a relaunch of something called Enliven LTD:


Enliven LTD appears to have launched in early May, with Faroque publishing the following Facebook update on May 2nd:

Dear Friends,

I was just like you who are struggling to make money online, so I know the pain and feeling of losing your savings, money, max out credit card, taking money from your spouse and losing it all.

I know the feeling of being scammed by dishonest admin who take your money and shut down the program, I know the feeling of sucking our money, and when it comes to withdrawal, drama starts one after the other and you can’t even take your seed money out. I get all this.

So, I have come to this decision I would like to help all the people out there, to make money online, make the future plan without hesitating that tomorrow you may not get paid. I like to change the mode of online money making fear.

Our plan is pretty simple. Plans 1 to 3 will pay daily profit for 60 business days and your investment will be returned after the 60th business day. And the VIP plan will pay after 40 business days with a total 500% return on your investment.

Advertising for Concord Consulting Limited began on May 22nd, with Faroque later confirming it is a reboot:

(Investor): thought it was called somethign (sic) else (23 May at 06:49)

MG Faroque: name has been changed (23 May at 06:53)

(Investor): enlivin or something liek (sic) that before right? (23 May at 06:54)

MG Faroque: yes, plz go to group. (23 May at 06:55)

mg-faroque-concord-consulting-limited-adminThe Facebook group Faroque (right) refers to is set to private, but is presumably where he primarily communicates with Concord Consulting Limited investors.

As for the company itself, on his Facebook profile Faroque lists his location as New York in the US. Despite the presence of a UK company address on the Concord Consulting Limited website, New York is instead likely where the company is being run out of.

Faroque’s familiarity with being scammed meanwhile comes as no surprise, with further perusal of his Facebook profile revealing advertising for

  • IntellaShares (collapsed $2.50 micro Ponzi)
  • BoomAdz (150% ROI Ponzi scheme)
  • Rockfeller (350% ROI Ponzi scheme)
  • PaFunds (250% ROI Ponzi scheme)
  • Profits Automatic (125% ROI Ponzi scheme)
  • Money Worldwide ($500 a week ROI Ponzi scheme)
  • Automatic Mobile Cash ($25 Ponzi scheme)
  • Powerline Cycler ($50 matrix-cycler Ponzi scheme)
  • Trinity Lines ($50 three-tier cycler Ponzi scheme)
  • Friendly Cycler (200% ROI cycler Ponzi scheme),
  • Best Online Salary System (matrix cycler Ponzi),
  • Achieve Community ($3.8 million dollar Ponzi scheme shutdown by the SEC)
  • Double Diamond Cycler ($20 six-tier matrix Ponzi cycler)
  • Unison Wealth ($35 matrix subscription Ponzi scheme)
  • Revetrix (1200% ROI Ponzi scheme)
  • RE247365 (collapsed $39.95 a month pyramid scheme)
  • Zukul ($25 a month recruitment-driven pyramid scheme)
  • Lead System Network (cash gifting) and
  • Empower Network

Empower Network appears to be Faroque’s first venture into MLM, with advertisements appearing on his Facebook timeline in March 2014. Promotion of MLM underbelly scams began a few months after.

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52,099 BurnLounge victims refunded almost $1.9 million

burnlounge-logoFollowing the denial of an appeal roughly a year ago, which argued BurnLounge wasn’t a pyramid scheme, relief is finally in sight for victims of the scam. [Continue reading…]

TeamBuildMatrix Review: Seven-tier matrix Ponzi cycler

teambuildmatrixThere is no information on the TeamBuildMatrix website indicating who owns or runs the business.

Despite claiming to have ‘a great track record of advertising for over 12 years on the net‘, the TeamBuildMatrix website domain was only registered on the 13th of May, 2015.

The domain registration information currently lists a “Marie Kelly” as the owner, with a non-existent address in the US state of Texas.

Further research reveals the TeamBuildMatrix domain was initially registered to a “Nadeem Hamed”, using the same fake Texas address.

Hamed is likely running TeamBuildMatrix out of India, with Alexa currently estimating that India accounts for over 69% of traffic to the TeamBuildMatrix domain.

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Passive Rebate Review: 150% ROI cycler rev-share Ponzi

passive-rebate-logoThere is no information on the Passive Rebate website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Passive Rebate website domain (“”) was registered on the 5th of December 2014, however the domain registration is currently set to private.

Further research reveals the initial Passive Rebate domain registration listed a “Sham Awan” as the owner, with an address in Somerset, England provided.

I wasn’t able to find any additional information on this individual.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money. [Continue reading…]