TVizion claim ignorance of free PPV pirated streams

If someone offered you free access to an advertised pay per view broadcast in your home, you’d assume it was pirated – right?

Not TVizion, who claim complete ignorance the “free” PPV streams they offered in promotions were pirated. [Continue reading…]

MOBE’s “entire business model is a fraud”, FTC’s TRO granted

The FTC’s request for a Temporary Restraining Order against MOBE is supported by over 4557 pages of evidence.

This includes:

  • declarations from multiple MOBE victims (168 complaints were filed with the FTC)
  • citations from MOBE’s 2016 case against Digital Altitude
  • evidence collected from transcripts of communications between undercover FTC agents and MOBE staff
  • evidence collected via the attendance of undercover FTC agents at MOBE events
  • evidence collected from multiple banks and payment processors
  • evidence collected from hotels and property leasing agents
  • trademark application filings
  • MOBE corporate registrations and filings
  • citations from MOBE’s website and compensation plan and
  • MOBE video marketing presentations

On the basis MOBE is an “illegal scheme”, the FTC requested an ex-parte TRO on June 4th. [Continue reading…]

FTC claim MOBE a $125 million “fraudulent business education” scam

After the FTC busted Digital Altitude earlier this year, inevitably people began asking “What about MOBE?”

So similar are MOBE’s and Digital Altitude’s “high-ticket marketing education” business models, that MOBE actually sued Digital Altitude in 2016.

Having won an injunction against Digital Altitude and the scam all but shut down, now the FTC have filed a similar lawsuit against MOBE. [Continue reading…]

Nerium quietly pays off burns and skin damage lawsuit plaintiff?

Our last update on Christina Swiatek’s lawsuit against Nerium International and Nerium Skincare detailed settlement with the latter defendant.

Nerium International were still holding out, however it appears they’ve since settled with Swiatek. [Continue reading…]

MOBE admins confirm FTC investigation, beg for legal defense funding

Following our announcement yesterday, BehindMLM can now confirm an FTC investigation into MOBE.

That investigation is directly responsible for the MOBE website being offline and suspension of business operations. [Continue reading…]

MOBE shut down by the FTC?

This morning I received intel that two days ago top earners, Michael Williams and Michael Giannulis, informed their MOBE downline they were leaving the company.

The cited reason for Williams’ and Giannulis’ departure was an FTC investigation into MOBE.

Currently every MOBE corporate website is down.

Here’s what we know. [Continue reading…]

Seacret Direct Review 2.0: Monthly affiliate autoship still a problem

BehindMLM published its first and only review of Seacret Direct back in 2012.

While efforts to drive retail sales were acknowledged, the elephant in the room was the heavy reliance on affiliate autoship.

Rank progression was for the most part rooted in accumulated autoship orders, which was more than likely going to be sourced from affiliates.

That was five years ago and, based on feedback from a reader, things have since changed.

BehindMLM… you need to update this review.

Autoship is no longer required and rank advancement is based on sales volume.

Today we revisit Seacret Direct and evaluate whether the MLM opportunity has actually changed. Read on for an updated review. [Continue reading…]

Vida Divina not licensed to sell products in Ecuador, warning issued

Vida Divina is being actively marketed across Ecuador without an appropriate license from the National Agency for Health Regulation, Control and Surveillance (ARCSA).

This has prompted ARCSA to issue a regulatory warning against Vida Divina, urging Ecuadorians to consider “the safety of the population”. [Continue reading…]

Juice Plus+ Review: Subscription-based nutritional supplements?

Juice Plus+ operate in the health and nutrition MLM niche and are based out of Tennessee in the US.

The company was founded in 1970 as “National Safety Associates” by Jay Martin.

National Safety Associates started out marketing a range of fire detectors (smoke alarms) and air and water purifiers via door-to-door sales.

Juice Plus+ was introduced in 1993 as a product line and subsidiary of National Safety Associates.

Despite still being a part of NSA, today Juice Plus+ is established well-enough to be recognised as a stand-alone MLM company.

Since a an investigation into reported inventory loading back in 1993, Juice Plus+ hasn’t had a run in with regulators.

In 1990 a proposed class-action lawsuit was filed against NSA, alleging it to be a Ponzi scheme.

More than 100,000 water-purifier sales people, who contend they were bilked out of $5,000 and up apiece by National Safety Associates Inc., will get a chance to prove their charges.

Their lawyers say they were victims of a giant “Ponzi” or pyramid scheme.

Class certification was granted in early 1991, however Juice Plus+ challenged the decision with a reconsideration motion.

The motion was granted and class certification revoked in May.

Within two months the case was confidentially settled.

NSA has been party to a number of civil cases, however nothing recent after 2005.

Read on for a full review of the Juice Plus+ MLM opportunity. [Continue reading…]

Oscar H. Brown & Robert Mecham Zeek Rewards settlements pending

For their part in defrauding Zeek Rewards Ponzi victims out of $1.8 million, the Receiver sued USHBB and operators James More, Oscar H. Brown and Robert Mecham in 2015.

Default judgement was entered against USHBB ($675,000) and James Moore ($109,130) in 2015.

Pending approval from the court, the Receiver has reached a settlement agreement with Oscar H. Brown and Robert Mecham. [Continue reading…]