Orion Token Review: ORN points ICO lending Ponzi scheme

Orion Token provide no information on their website about who owns or runs the business.

The Orion Token website domain (“oriontoken.com”) was privately registered on February 15th, 2018.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money. [Continue reading…]

Exitus 500 Review: 3rd reboot of collapsed Exitus Network gifting scam

Exitus 500 appears to have surfaced in late 2017. It is the third reboot of the already twice collapsed Exitus Network gifting scam.

Exitus Network launched in 2014 as a six-tier gifting scheme.

By 2016 Exitus Network had collapsed, prompting owner Paul Stevenson (right) to reboot the scam as Exitus Elite.

Alexa traffic estimates show a sharp decline in activity throughout 2017.

By mid 2017 the situation was dire, prompting Stevenson to purportedly expunge a number of Exitus Elite participants.

It has been bought to my attention that a number of leaders/members are actively discouraging their existing team members NOT to renew their Exitus Elite membership as they have something better to offer.

The main reason…they know they cannot make any money themselves by you renewing your membership, BUT if they can shift you to a NEW deal, they will profit from you yet again.

This is literally taking money from the company and will not be tolerated.

This email is to inform you that I will be terminating the membership of a number of Exitus Elite leaders/members over the next 48 hours.

After a brief attempt to keep Exitus Elite by renaming it “Exitus Elite 2018”, it appears to have since been ditched entirely for Exitus 500.

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Tecademics co-founder conflict leads to IQup sell off

Tecademics launched in 2016 and pitched itself as a “college of internet marketing”.

Despite not being recognized as a college by any authoritative body, Tecademics charged up to $10,000 in “tuition fees” for two-year courses.

Less than two years from launch (meaning not one person had time to complete a $10,000 course), Tecademics has been sold off to an anonymous owner. [Continue reading…]

Opulence Global Review: Global Wealth Trade beauty & health reboot

Global Wealth Trade launched in 2005 with exclusive Feri fashion ranges spanning jewelry, handbags, watches, wallets and sunglasses.

BehindMLM initially reviewed Global Wealth Trade in 2012, and again in 2013 following a compensation plan update.

In late 2016 Global Wealth Trade expanded their product offering to include the Feri Flawless personal care range.

In early 2018 the company introduced the Fountain of Life nutritional supplement.

This was followed by a complete corporate re-branding, which saw Global Wealth Trade renamed to Opulence Global.

In an interview with Ted Nuyten earlier this month, founder and CEO Ramin Mesgarlou (right) claimed the name-change was due to the company’s expanded focus.

We are different company today than we were in 2005 when we first launched with just high-end jewelry.

As a matter of fact we are a completely a different company today than we were even a year ago before the introduction of our … anti-aging skincare systems and our super antioxidant scientific breakthrough.

Considering our last Global Wealth Trade review was published over five years ago, I felt it was time for an update.

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Bizmo World Review: Lifehack voting app?

The Bizmo World website states the company is “powered by Global Solutions Systems GmbH.

Bizmo is a project of the Berlin-based company “Global Solutions Systems” (GSS).

The company was founded in 2014 with the goal of developing and implementing systemic solutions that people around the world can use to develop themselves and lead a better and more successful life.

The Global Solutions Systems website identifies Tomas Kluenner (right) as CEO of the company.

Previously MLM companies Kluenner has promoted include Sisel and HappyLife World, a German cashback e-commerce opportunity.

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DigitalCoin Share Review: Litecoin 2×2 matrix Ponzi cycler

DigitalCoin Share provide no information on their website about who owns or runs the business.

The DigitalCoin Share website domain (“digitalcoinshare.com”) was privately registered on November 20th, 2017.

A marketing video on the DigitalCoin Share website is hosted on a JW Player platform account bearing the name “Steve Baran”.

The date-stamp of the video suggests Digital Coin Share launched around mid March.

By listening to videos Steve Baran has uploaded to his numerous YouTube channels, I was able to confirm Baran is the narrator of the DigitalCoin Share marketing video.

Given the prominence of this video on the DigitalCoin Share website, we can surmise Steve Baran is either running or working with others to run the company.

Two years ago Baran (right) was promoting Talk Fusion. That doesn’t seem to have worked out, with Baran moving on to Skinny Body Care as of early last year.

Photographic evidence on Baran’s Facebook page suggests Skinny Body Care didn’t work out either.

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Scott Chandler and Louis Gatto defy court order to disclose assets

As we edge closer to a decision on a preliminary injunction in the FTC vs. Scott Chandler, Louis Gatto, Thomas Dluca and Eric Pinkston, objections and responses have been filed.

Last we checked in Chandler, Gatto and Pinkston essentially argued they knew nothing of the nature of the scams they promoted.

With respect to Scott Chandler and Louis Gatto, who filed mirrored objections, the FTC responded by pointing out ongoing non-compliance with the previously granted TRO. [Continue reading…]

Harendar Kaur’s son arrested in India (Speak Asia)

Balwinder Singh, son of Speak Asia’s Harendar Kaur, was arrested by Indian authorities at Chennai International Airport earlier this week. [Continue reading…]

RengaLife Review: Oral film strips with $199.80 “mandatory autoship”

RengaLife launched earlier this month and operate in the health and nutrition MLM niche.

The company is based out of California in the US and headed up by co-founders Jason and Eunjung Cardiff.

The Cardiffs also own Redwood Scientific Technologies, of which Jason Cardiff is CEO and Eunjung the company’s Marketing Director.

Whereas the Cardiffs’ RengaLife corporate bios are lacking, their Redwood Scientific Technologies bios provide some insight into their executive history.

Jason Cardiff started his career at Mercedes Benz USA and was appointed the youngest retail Vice President at that time. He went on to serve as a General Manager and executive at Auto Nation, the nation’s largest automotive chain of dealerships.

After leaving the automotive business, he founded First Choice Media, a private consulting company that ran marketing and placed all forms of media for national not-for-profit organizations while simultaneously finding success with his own national infomercial businesses and products.

As the founder of Redwood Scientific Technologies, Inc. Jason provides the leadership and vision for the success of the company.

Eunjung Cardiff started her career at Grey Advertising in NYC with their direct marketing division, representing and buying direct response-oriented national broadcast media for pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods clients.

She opened and managed the New York branch of Cannella Response Television, the nation’s largest direct response media placement agency and grew that business from $0 to nearly $30 million per year in fewer than 3 years.

She served as their Managing Director for 5 years, representing clients such as Guthy Renker and other highly recognizable national infomercial product companies.

She studied East Asian studies at Columbia University in New York. At Redwood Scientific Technologies, Inc. Eunjung serves as the Marketing Director, in which she oversees management’s activities.

To the best of my knowledge RengaLife is the Cardiffs first venture as MLM company executives.

Read on for a full review of the RengaLife MLM opportunity. [Continue reading…]

Woking Council pushing Lyoness Ponzi onto unsuspecting residents

Back in 2015 a Town Councillor attempted to push Lyoness onto residents of Hailsham, a town in East Sussex, England.

Upon other members of Hailsham council learning of the Lyoness AU investment Ponzi scheme, the project was suspended indefinitely.

Two years later, a Town Councillor in another English town has pulled the same ruse. [Continue reading…]