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Pedro Fort’s lawyer “abandons case”, request for state attorney denied

Pedro Fort has seemingly been caught out in a web of lies, leading to his attorney withdrawing from the case for a second time. In a brief April 9th filing, Fort requested a “lawyer of the state” be appointed. Fort made the request because his “lawyer has abandoned the case”. He also claims to not [Continue reading…]

Default judgment sought against Digital Altitude

The FTC’s lawsuit against Digital Altitude continues, with the latest seeing default judgment sought against the company and related entity defendants.

Power Mining Pool cease and desist permanent, exit-scam confirmed

Following a cease and desist issued last month, Power Mining Pool’s website was quickly pulled offline. Power Mining Pool’s admins strung investors along while they quietly executed their exit strategy, after which communication lines went silent. Now North Carolina has confirmed Power Mining Pool failed to respond to the cease and desist notice, confirming the [Continue reading…]

Tecademics screw affiliate out of $20,000, IQup not interested?

About a week ago we covered a co-founder conflict leading to Chris Record selling his stake in Tecademics. Tecademics itself is no more and has been amalgamated into IQup. One loose end that neither Tecademics co-founders Chris Record and Jim Piccolo or IQup seem keen to tie up however, is a missing $20,000 prize awarded [Continue reading…]

Herbalife affiliates continue to earn on recruits through loophole

Enforcement of Herbalife’s settlement with the FTC is certainly one of the more bizarre episodes of MLM regulation I’ve seen. As part of the settlement, Herbalife agreed to “restructure” their business. And a big part of the restructuring was only paying commissions on actual retail sales going forward. Considering retail sales volume was negligible to the [Continue reading…]

MinerWorld under criminal investigation in Brazil

MinerWorld, an MLM cryptocurrency touting 12 month mining ROIs, is under investigation in Brazil. Yesterday Brazilian Federal Police and the Public Ministry announced they were investigating MinerWorld, on suspicion the company is a pyramid scheme.

DBTC ICO Ponzi scheme busted in China, $13 million in losses

DBTC was a short-lived ICO primarily targeted at Chinese investors. Zhang and Li Mou conceived DBTC last October, but didn’t actually launch an ICO until March 28th this year. And what an ICO it was. Clearly targeting gullible idiots with too much money, top DBTC ICO investors paid $478,000 each on the promise of a daily [Continue reading…]

D9 Clube owner arrested in Dubai, to be extradited to Brazil

With seemingly little to no local regulation of fraudulent activity, Dubai has emerged as a favorite for MLM underbelly admins. Following the arrest of Danilo Santana at the behest of Brazilian authorities however, I believe we’re about to see our first Dubai MLM related extradition.

SwissGolden scammers arrested in Nigeria, $601,600 recovered

SwissGolden was a cycler Ponzi we here at BehindMLM reviewed back in 2014. While the company traded in euro and represented it was operated out of the UK, British Virgin Islands and Hong Kong, turns out a Russian and two Nigerians were behind it.

Redwood Scientific Technologies under investigation for FTC Act violations

BehindMLM recently reviewed RengaLife on April 13th. While I didn’t personally come across any suspect marketing claims as part of my research, it has emerged RengaLife’s parent company, Redwood Scientific Technologies, is being investigated for suspected violations of the FTC Act.