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TelexFree owners face eight new criminal lawsuits in Brazil

Authorities in Brazil continue efforts to bring TelexFree’s Carlos Wanzeler and Carlos Costa to justice, with eight new criminal complaints filed yesterday. The Federal Public Prosecutors Office in Espírito Santo have charged Wanzeler, Costa and twenty-one other individuals with money laundering and evasion of foreign exchange.

Perfectly Posh warned by FDA for product claim violations

Perfectly Posh operate in the personal care MLM niche and are based out of Utah in the US. As per the company’s website, Perfectly Posh market a range of products it claims ‘are made in the USA with the purest, natural ingredients on earth‘. Back in March the FDA visited the Perfectly Posh website for [Continue reading…]

OneCoin a criminal organization, claims Kazakhstan regulator

Back in April Kazakhstan authorities arrested top OneCoin investor Mirsaitova D.K. and several of her local downline. The case is being handled by the Economic Investigation Service, a department of the State Revenue Committee. In response to a media enquiry, yesterday the SRC provided an update as to the current status of the case.

Power On Network’s sham partnership with Exergonix terminated

If you want a shot at marketing Ponzi points these days, you need to attach yourself to something that resembles legitimacy. Traditionally in MLM this is known as “legitimacy by association”. It’s akin to placing a rotten apple next to a gold bar and claiming the apple has value. The apple is still rotten and [Continue reading…]

MBI International “top official” arrested in Malaysia, Teddy Teow?

Amid an ongoing investigation by Malaysian authorities that saw raids conducted on MBI malls earlier this month, now news that a “top official” has been arrested. Malaysian authorities haven’t identified the arrested individual. From the sounds of it though, there’s little doubt they’ve nabbed MBI International founder Teddy Teow.

OneCoin Vietnamese regulatory document forged, govt says

Last weekend OneCoin held an affiliate rah-rah event in Vietnam. Coinciding with the event, a document purportedly signed off on by the Vietnamese government began doing the rounds. According to Vietnamese OneCoin affiliates, the document was “proof OneCoin has been officially licensed in Vietnam”. Not surprisingly, a few days ago the Vietnamese government issued a [Continue reading…]

William Wood disagrees with Empower Network vision, severs ties

The Empower Network implosion saga continues, with the latest development an impasse between the brothers David and William Wood. David Wood owns and pretty much is Empower Network. William Wood claims he’s not an owner, nor have I ever been of Empower Network. My role here at EN has been one of developing content and training [Continue reading…]

Dr. Wallach’s sex life a focal point in Youngevity Wakaya lawsuit

As part of their ongoing legal dispute with Youngevity, Wakaya perfection served Dr. Joel Wallach with discovery interrogatories. Said interrogatories demand Wallach identify each and every person with whom he has entered into a legal marriage, domestic partnership, cohabitation, or substantially similar relationship and the dates on which such relationship commenced. Wakaya Perfection also want [Continue reading…]

Questions raised about “authenticity”of David Wood’s meltdown

After a series of videos were published on Facebook last week, it was assumed David Wood was having a meltdown. On June 13th Wood’s brother, William Wood, confirmed David was on drugs and claimed he had been admitted to a rehabilitation facility. William also claimed David would be “removed from a leadership position” in Empower [Continue reading…]

Cleber Rocha wants money laundering evidence suppressed

With tens of millions of dollars in stolen Ponzi money on the line, the Department of Homeland Security agents who arrested Cleber Rene Rizerio Rocha had to move fast. Rocha, better known as the TelexFree mattress money mule, was caught trying to launder stolen investor funds on behalf of Carlos Wanzeler and his nephew, Leonardo Casula [Continue reading…]