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BTChamp2 Review: BTChamp gifting scam rebooted

BTChamp2 appears to be a reboot of BTChamp, launched earlier this year in January. BTChamp2 is linked directly from the BTChamp website through the referral ID: “BTCHAMP ADMIN”. The original BTChamp was a six-tier gifting scheme run by Kasa Navakantha Rao (right). Alexa statistics for the BTChamp website suggest the scheme went into decline around May. [Continue reading…]

Priority Investment Review: 7-12% monthly ROI from a Euro solar plant?

Priority Investment provide no specific information about who owns or runs the company on their website. On the “About Company” section of the website, Priority Investment cites “Delta-Alpha Group Ltd” as its “management company”. Delta-Alpha Group Ltd was incorporated in the UK on April 19th, 2017. The London address used to incorporate Delta-Alpha Group Ltd [Continue reading…]

Power Mining Pool Review: €50 EUR in, €70 EUR out Ponzi scheme

Power Mining Pool operate in the cryptocurrency MLM niche and are headed up by Andrew and Mike Conti. The Power Mining Pool website is hosted in France. At the time of publication Alexa estimates the UK is the largest source of traffic to the Power Mining Pool website (54%). Other than representing Andrew and Mike [Continue reading…]

Crowdbridge Global Review: CBG Coin altcoin with pyramid recruitment

Two days ago BehindMLM published a firstlook of the Crowdbridge Global MLM opportunity. The company appears to be based out of Europe and is run by co-founders Hans Pasveer and Harald Ekker. For Pasveer and Ekker’s respective MLM histories, please refer to our published Crowdbridge Global firstlook. One key component missing from our firstlook was the [Continue reading…]

Crowdbridge Global Firstlook: CBG Coins Ponzi points?

Crowdbridge Global first popped up on my radar a few months ago. At the time little to no information was available on the company, so I put a closer look on the backburner. Since then some more information has surfaced. Not enough for a full Crowdbridge Global review, but enough for us to get a [Continue reading…]

Solis Review: Precious stone trading = 31% monthly ROI?

Solis name Richard Eddison as CEO of the company and even provide a photo. Beyond that however no specifics on Eddison or the company are provided. The Solis “about” page is a bunch of vague marketing statements; Our experts work in many countries: USA, South Africa, Belgium, Australia, India, etc. For decades, we have accumulated [Continue reading…]

iMarketsLive Review v2.0: Retail addressed, securities still a problem

International Markets Live, more commonly known as iMarketsLive, was first reviewed on BehindMLM back in 2013. What I found was an MLM opportunity offering investment trading advice with zero retail. The company was so out of compliance it was comical. As per an August 6th Facebook post, in mid 2016 CEO Christopher Terry told Alex [Continue reading…]

New Life Sciences Review: New age nutrition with retail non-compliance

New Life Sciences appear to be based out of Japan and operate in the weight loss and nutritional supplement MLM niches. The company website lists product return addresses for the US and Europe (Germany), however Saitama, Japan is the only physical address provided. New Life Science’s Terms and Conditions meanwhile suggest the company is actually [Continue reading…]

Trevo Review: $59.99 a liter super juice with 127 ingredients

Trevo launched in 2010 and operate in the nutritional supplement MLM niche. The company operates out of Oklahoma in the US and is headed up by founders Mark (President and CEO) and Holli Stevens (Director of Finance). Mark Steven’s Trevo corporate bio claims he’s a ‘well-known as a successful business owner, entrepreneur, leader, motivational speaker, best-selling [Continue reading…]

LitUpp Review: €197 EUR video-based personal development courses

LitUpp operate in the personal development MLM niche and claim to be ‘located in the heart of London‘. The company is headed up by CEO and Founder, Kjenneth Holm. On Twitter Holm cites his location as Copenhagen, Denmark. A Facebook page for “LitUpp Development A/S” also cites a location in Copenhagen, Denmark. On Instagram Holm claims [Continue reading…]