The Ovax Global Ponzi scheme appears to have collapsed.

Ovax Global’s official YouTube channel has been deleted. The rest of its social media accounts were abandoned in late March.

Ovax Global was a typical Boris CEO Ponzi scheme. An actor with an eastern European accent played CEO “Robert Hoffman”.

Ovax Global investors were pitched on up to 4% a day through cryptocurrency.

This appears to have begun to fall apart back in January, with Ovax Global informing investors it was ceasing payments in BUSD.

On the regulatory front, Ovax Global falsely representing ties to New Zealand caught the attention of the FMA last November.

As of March 2024, traffic to Ovax Global’s website is too low for SimilarWeb to track.

At time of publication Ovax Global’s website was still online. It’s expected it’ll disappear at some point.


Update 11th May 2024 – Ovax Global’s website has been pulled offline.