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Steinkeller Brothers walk away from $2.5 mill monthly OneCoin income?

Siting atop the One DreamTeam OneCoin affiliate downline, the Steinkeller Brothers were purportedly taking home around $2.5 million dollars a month (so claims Ted Nuyten). With an established group of victims in One DreamTeam doing most of the recruiting work, all the brothers had to do was put in appearance at OneCoin events and continue to bank [Continue reading…]

OneCoin warning issued by Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten

The latest regulator to issue a warning against investing in OneCoin is the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten. The warning, issued on May 23rd, applies to OneCoin, OneLife and the “OneLife Banking System” (believed to be the closed xCoinx exchange).

Two more OneCoin arrests, money trail leads to Bulgaria & Mauritius

The interrogation of Indian OneCoin affiliates in custody continues to pay off, with a continuing investigation by the Mumbai EOW leading to two more arrests. While OneCoin is notorious for laundering money through shell companies at a corporate level, the Indian investigation is revealing how things work on the ground.

John Maxwell to appear at OneCoin sponsored Colombian event

John C. Maxwell is an American motivational speaker who, through his John Maxwell Company, hosts leadership conferences all around the world. As per Maxwell’s website; For 40 years, John C. Maxwell has invested in leaders from all walks of life. His unique insights into the nature of leadership have earned him respect across generations of [Continue reading…]

Austrian Public Prosecutor launches OneCoin criminal investigation

Early last year Austria’s Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection issued a warning against OneCoin. Some point after it appears the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) opened their own investigation, the conclusion of which has now prompted a criminal investigation.

OneCoin twists arm of blockchain whitepaper author?

Reeling from the realization among affiliates that OneCoin currently doesn’t have blockchain, newly appointed CEO Pierre Arens has rushed out a press-release. The May 10th publication seeks to reassure affiliates that he is “wholly satisfied” with OneCoin’s current SQL database “blockchain”.

Indian OneCoin scammers siphon $11.6 million out of bank accounts

Efforts to recover funds stolen by Indian OneCoin affiliates have hit a roadblock, following the revelation that 75 crore ($11.6 million USD) has been withdrawn from bank accounts used to accept invested funds.

Police and Market Inspectorate investigating OneCoin in Slovenia

Following regulatory bans in Germany and India, the latest country to confirm an investigation into OneCoin is now Slovenia.

German Public Prosecutors investigating OneCoin reps for fraud

In the aftermath of BaFin’s regulatory ban of OneCoin on April 28th, promotion of OneCoin in Germany has come to a screeching halt. Yesterday, top German affiliate Udo Deppisch was forced to cancel two OneCoin events in Germany that had been organized prior to the ban: Not content with having thwarted the scheme locally, now the [Continue reading…]

Hungarian authorities put together massive OneCoin taskforce

The bad news for OneCoin continues, with the Hungarian Central Bank today announcing a joint investigation with various police departments and tax authorities.