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Mannatech Compensation Plan Review v2.0

BehindMLM first reviewed Mannatech back in 2011. Key areas of improvement I identified were the headache-inducing complexity of Mannatech’s compensation plan, mandatory affiliate autoship and high start-up costs ($3800!). Earlier this year a Mannatech affiliate left a comment on our review, advising that there was no longer a $3800 affiliate membership. The compensation plan has been [Continue reading…]

Mannatech distance themselves from EmSquared

Part of EmSquared review last week saw me call out EmSquared for their claimed “100% transparency”, but then failure to disclose that founder Sam Castor/Caster also founded their charity partner, MannaRelief. As such the article was titled EMSquared Review: Mannatech charity opp spinoff? I thought that was pretty straight forward, seeing as Mannatech use the same charity. This [Continue reading…]

Mannatech Review: Glycobiology & $3800 sugar packs

Mannatech is an established player within the MLM industry and with that experience comes the weight of a company that is nearly two decades old. Primarily trading in glyconutrient based products (plant sugars) and existing in an age where longevity is fast becoming a scarce commodity in the MLM world, today we take a look at [Continue reading…] – Who’s behind the business?

I received an email recently from a BehindMLM reader asking about the company SugarMums; Hi there, I am enjoying your new blog. I have had an enquiry about Sugar Mums. From what I am aware, they sell vitamins/diet shakes/the whole range of ‘health’ products with apparently some revolutionary ingredient. Do you have any further information, [Continue reading…]